View Full Version : LTC80 and LTCQ Rate - Are these two same?

24-08-2010, 03:53 PM
In my office, we had sent bill of one officer to PAO. In ticket, it is mentioned in the Fare as LTCQ. PAO has returned the bill stating that the claim may be regulated as LTC80 fare.

Are LTC80 and LTCQ same or different? Any supporting order is there? If so, pl. do provide the link.

Shall be so grateful.


24-08-2010, 07:57 PM
Govt of india has notified the ltc 80 fare for most of all sectors(.) the difference in ltc80 ticket and other ticket is that ltc80 ticket is purchased on production of identity card and its cancellation charges are rs 100 where as for other ticket the cancellation charges are rs 500(.) therefore it is advisable to purchase ltc 80 ticket(.) your pao should not reject your claim but restrict it with ltc80 fare(.)