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01-08-2010, 09:56 PM
Dear friends,

The Sixth Pay Commission had recommended Half Pay Leave to staff of vacation Department.

“From 1/9/1981, Teachers,Principals and Head Masters working in schools and from 28/7/1984, Librarians, Laboratory Assistants and Watermen working in schools have not been allowed the facility of half payleave. This facility needs to be restored for these categories as the present rules place them in difficulties in times of sickness, etc.These categories should be made eligible for half pay leave on par with other Central Government employees.”

Page 270 of Sixth Pay Revision Report.

While issuing formal amendments to the Leave Rules, the Government cancelled the order of 1/9/1981 and 28/7/1984 and introduced 20 Half pay leave to them. The Result is that the Earned Leave of 10 days sanctioned by these orders are lost. Good intention of the Pay Commission has now became a burden to these staff. Will the authorities rectify this mistake?

with regards