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27-07-2010, 11:07 PM
I have applied for GPF advance from my fund a month back on account of my sister marriage (.) when i enquire the status, the concern branch intimate me that i have not made entry of my family members in my service book hence my advance is delaying, they asked me to submit nomination for :
1) GPF,
2)CGGIS (form no. 8),
3)Death-cum-retirement (form no. 1) &
4) detail of family (form 3)

But non of the form mentioned here are not related to GPF, where as the last form i.e "detail of family members (form 8)" too not related to GPF nor i cant enter my sister here since "family member" here means wife in the case of a male Government servant, or husband in the case of a female Government servant as per rule 54 section 13 clause B of CCS pension rules.

i would like to mentioned here that my service is 10 years and i have already submitted the above forms twice earlier in my last place of posting. If the authority did not made entry of such details in my service book, why they are not correspond to my last posting place.

Please help.

R K Rao
27-07-2010, 11:24 PM
Mr Ajit,

Firstly, the service books/documents are to be seen by the concerned individual once in 5 years. With 10 years of service, have you not seen and checked them even once?

Secondly, haven't you availed LTC for yourself and your family members (or even medical reimbursement if you are not covered by CGHS)? These require your declaration with regard to the dependent members.

Thirdly, nomination form with regard to GPF can contain names of other members you wish to nominate in the event of death or insanity of the first nominee. Unmrried / widowed dependent sisters are also covered under this (This portion is subject to approval by our seniors in this forum please).

Lastly, 10 years back you filled up the forms as you were told to write. But today, you are in a positon to undersand the requirements and formats better and it will be a proper documentation if you do it now (and even at a later stage due to more and more understanding of service conditions).
Hence, I don't see why you should hesitate (or argue with a new office for the fault of a previous office) in updation of these forms by giving them afresh?

After all, your ultimate aim is to get the funds for the marriage of your sister and the aim of your present administrative section is to see that your documentation is full and complete and uptodate (because it is not so for the fault of x,y and z).

Go ahead and complete the formalities.

[p.s. Seniors - please correct whereever I am wrong]


RK Rao

27-07-2010, 11:35 PM
Thanks with warm regards.

R K Rao
27-07-2010, 11:48 PM
You are welcome Mr. Ajit.

The following query is to my seniors in this forum -


The service books are to be seen by employees ONCE in a year and the photograph and signature updation and audit by audit authorities is once in FIVE years. Am I right?


there appears to be an order that the service books are to be made in duplicate and one is to be given to the employee (and periodically called for and updated). I think I read this somehwere in Swamy's Handbook or so.

[ My office has not yet followed this for want of orders from my dept.].

Kindly advse.

RK Rao

28-07-2010, 01:04 AM
yes mr rao u r right but usually these rules are not followed in all the departments of govt of india,

R K Rao
28-07-2010, 08:06 AM
Dear Mr. Rakesh,

Thank you and Regards

RK Rao

28-07-2010, 09:53 AM
Casual attitude in every office can be seen

18-02-2012, 08:15 PM
I made an application for computer
advance in the about one year back
but was kept waiting till now. In the
meanwhile I took GPF withdrawal for
the the purchase of computer. Now
they are saying that since you had
taken GPF withdrawal for the
purchase of computer hence computer
advance cannot be given. What should
I now can do. What are the rules
regarding this. Please guide me.