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20-07-2010, 05:59 PM
here is a check list of things to carry when
children are visiting u k for higher studies

Hand luggage

Valid passport with your student visa
Air ticket
Offer letter from the university
All financial documentation you will require to submit to the university or immigration authorities
All original certificates and other important documents
Some warm clothing (but not a lot)
Traveller's cheques and sufficient cash
A list of everything you are carrying in your checked-in baggage. If there is a delay in the arrival of your baggage or in case your baggage is lost, you will need to know exactly what you have packed in order to claim for it.
The name and number of a 24-hour contact at the university who you can call in case of an emergency
Detailed directions to your university or accommodations.

Check-in luggage

Make an additional set of your certificates and important documents and keep it in your checked-in baggage. This will be useful is you happen to lose your hand luggage.
Travel light. Indian groceries, cooking utensils, masalas are easily available in the UK so use your baggage space for other necessities. Do not carry too many woollen or warm clothes. These are bulky and will occupy space that can be used for more important/useful things.
A few family photographs
An umbrella
Good walking shoes.
National attire. There will be occasions where you might need to or might like to wear traditional attire, so pack a set or two.

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Good and informative article

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thank you mr pathak
hope people make use of the information
well planned is half done