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15-07-2010, 07:31 PM
Dear Sir,

One of my colleague got injury in his leg in 2008. In Jan/2009, he appeared before C.M.O. District( the medical board of state govt.) and was declared 50% handicapped. Certificate to this effect as required was issued to him on Jan./2009.
On the basis of this he applied to his employer for grant of Double Transport allowance as per 6th CPC ,as applicable in case of handicapped employees. His employer directed him to re-appear before the same medical board to assess the %age of handicapping.Correspondece continued till Nov/2009 and finally he reappeared before the medical board on 19/12/2009 and it was again declared 50%. Now his employer granted him Transport allowance(double) w.e.f. 19/12/2009.
I would like to know whether the ruling applied by his employer is in order?
AS per my opinion it should be granted w.e.f Jan/2009 i.e original date of declaration of handicapping

Can anyone give me the link to govt. of india letter, wherein conditions for grant of handicapped allowance have been given.


15-07-2010, 09:01 PM
Decision to direct the employee for second opinion is arbitrary. The emploee is entitled to the benefit of double TPT from the date of issue of original order. He may represent