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25-09-2008, 08:22 PM
As VI PC shifted from heirarchical ACP to upgradation with in same pay band anomolies may crop like:
1. One who got ACP as per V PC will draw more after 24 years than the one who gets even 3 ACPs under VI PC. Can anybody throw light on this.
2. What was given by V PC has been taken away by VI PC. The motto of pay commission to improve from existing or take away existing benefits?

till now, notification for acp has not been issued. what is holding up. probably they have bitten more than they can chew. this pay commission has unnecessarily modified existing scheme instead of addressing defects in minor way. I will tell you it is going to crate hell lot of confusion.

Ex: One who got acp scale before 1.1.06 as per V PC has been fixed at PB3 with GP of 6600/-. Now if the ACP is rolled back he may retain his pay in the payband 3. but GP will be reduced to 4800. In such case those who have drawn arraers from 1.1.06 face recovery. Atleast this is interpretation of some babus. So wait for pandora box to open.

26-09-2008, 11:39 AM
What I understood about ACP/Modified ACP

An employee gets two financial upgradation either by promotion or by ACP for each 12 years of service, in his promotion cadre. However, the benefit is effective from 1999 but service is counted from his date of joining.
After 12th year, if he has got one or more promotion-> no acp
if he has not got any promotion, he gets acp to the scale where he would have got if he gets a promotion.
After 24th year, if he has got two or more promotion-> no acp
if he has not got one promotion-> one more acp to thescale where he would have got the next promotion.
if he has not got any promotion-> two acp to the scale where he would have got two promotions.
The two conditions are:

1. he should complete 12/24 years of services(not in any grade alone but total services are counted.) AND
2. he should have other eligibility like education qualification etc to the promotion post.

Modified ACP

1. A person is eligible for 3 financial upgradation 10/20/30 years.
2. Benifit is applicable from 1.1.06
3. On granting ACP, the next grade pay is given( first one increment is granted to the "Pay+existing Grade pay" i.e. 3%. Then instead of existing GP, next GP is given), irrespective of the grade pay assaigned to his promotion post.

There are two condition
a. It is granted after completion of 10/20/30 years of services AND
b. One should stay a minimum of 10 years in the same grade.

Grave Injustice to the existing employees who joined in the services before 1996
injustice to all employees becuase reducing benefit by comparing old acp

option can be given to apply the new pay commission ,after the drawel of old acp -between 1.1.06 and date of notification of Pay commission, if it is benefitial to employee.

Now, I have a doubt

The concept of old acp is that the person is eligible for the next promotion post, but for want of post ,the scale of pay applicable to that post is granted. Therefore, the person should have other eligibilties like Educational qualification etc. for the promotion post, then only acp is given.

1. As per the Modified ACP, simply the next grade is given, and some times, there may not be such grade in the promotion channel, then how can the eligibility of educational qualification etc. is determined.
2. or is the intention of Modified ACP to simply give 3 financial upgradation with only two conditions. i.e. 10/20/30 years of services AND 10 years stay in one grade.

Let us have a detailed discussion and anaysis .


26-09-2008, 02:23 PM
In case of modified ACP the condition of 10 years in the scale is very tricky. It means that no body will get 2nd or 3rd ACP since the ACP scheme came into force in the year 1999 and no one has completed 10 years since then. This ACP scheme is an eyewash.

27-09-2008, 10:17 PM
all my dear friends are making decisions in hurry. Keeping in view the overall recommendations, except merger of scales, they have done a good work specially in granting allowances. though all of u are right in your interpretation as is written in resolution, I am of firm belief that this will not be the same. We must wait for ACP orders. It will be better to comment only after that. The date from which it is effective has also not been notified yet. Wait.....................