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R K Rao
03-07-2010, 09:49 PM

I am at Mumbai and planning to visit Mookambia Temple (To obtain darshan of Devi).

I have never visited there before.

Should I get down at Mookambika Road

(is the temple nearby and if yes, what is the mode of transport and how much is the average fare - I donot want to get duped by riksha fellows, hence this point)

should I get down at Udupi and then travel further (I understand buses are there - If yes, what is the journey period?).

Also, are there lodges just near the temple, where I can get down and dumb my baggage and proceed to the temple?

Any guidance will be appreciated.



04-07-2010, 10:40 AM

I am at Mumbai and planning to visit Mookambia Temple (To obtain darshan of Devi).

Any guidance will be appreciated.



Kindly find below the details. The Netravathi Express from Mumbai(Kurla Terminus) may be convenient train. From Kundapur Rly. Station proceed to Bus Stand for catching Kollur temple. From Bus stand, it may take an hour or so for reaching temple. Otherwise, from Udipi also, it may take 2 or 2.1/2 hour journey by bus. There are many accommodation facilities as given hereunder. Wishing your goodself a happy and successful spiritual tour,

The Mookambika Devi (Kannada: ಮೂಕಾಂಬಿಕಾ ದೇವಿ) Temple of Kollur, dedicated to Mookambika Devi, is one of the most prominent shrines for people in the state of Karnataka and Kerala, India. Located at a distance of 147 km from Mangalore in the picturesque surroundings presented by the banks of the river Sauparnika and the lush green Kodachadri hill, the temple attracts millions of pilgrims every year. The temple holds immense relevance for the devotees as it is associated with revered Hindu saint and Vedic scholar Adi Shankara. It is believed that Adi Shankara perceived the idea of having a Mookambika Devi temple at Kollur and himself installed the idol of deity in the temple some 1200 years ago. People have high faith in Mookambika Devi Temple as Goddess Mookambika is regarded as a manifestation of Shakti, Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi. In fact the Temple of Mookambika Devi is one of the 'Seven Muktisthala' pilgrimage sites in Karnataka which are Kollur, Udupi, Subrahmanya, Kumbashi, Koteshwara, Shankaranarayana and Gokarna. [1]

The Mookambika Devi Temple stands at the bottom of the Kodachadri peak. The deity is in the form of Jyotir-Linga incorporating both Shiva and Shakthi. The Panchaloha image (five element mixed metal) of the Goddess on Shree Chakra is stated to have been consecrated by Adi Shankaracharya during his visit to this place. It is believed that the original place of the goddess is on top of Kodachadri Peak (3880') and as it was very difficult for ordinary people to trek all the way to Kodachadri, Shankaracharya reestablished the temple at Kollur.There is an exquisite sculpture of Panchamukha Ganesha here.

Kollur is regarded as one of the Seven Muktisthala pilgrimage sites, of Parashurama Kshetra, in Karnataka which are (Kollur), Udupi, Subrahmanya, Kumbashi, Koteshwara, Shankaranarayana and Gokarna. [2].

Other deities in the Kollur Mookambika temple include Shri Subramanya, Shri Partheeshwara, Shri Panchamukha Ganapathi, Shri Chandramouleeshwara, Shri Pranalingeshwara, Shri Nanjundeshwara, Shri Anjaneya, Shri Venkataramana, Shri Thulasi Gopalakrishna.

During the Navarathri celebrations in November, the temple is crowded with devotees. Janmashtami or Krishna jayanthi is also a popular festival here. It is believed that the Swayambu Linga appeared on this day.

Vidhyarambha or the initiation of small children in the letters of the alphabet of their mother tongue is carried out in the Saraswathi mantapa on the last day of the Navarathri festival. However Vidhyaramba can be conducted on any suitable day at the temple. Annadhana is offered as a free offering to the devotees every afternoon and in the evenings.

* 1 How to reach
* 2 Accommodation facilities
* 3 Legends
* 4 Temple Pooja schedule
* 5 Ornamental jewels of Sri Devi Mookambika
* 6 Nature around Kollur
* 7 Water falls
* 8 Sowparnika River
* 9 Places of Interest Nearby

[edit] How to reach

Kollur Mookambika is connected by metalled road and there are direct buses from Mangalore, Udupi and Kundapur. The nearest Railway station is Kundapur or Mookambika Road (Bayndoor) in Konkan Rly route.
[edit] Accommodation facilities

There are numerous lodging available at Kollur. The temple devaswom runs the Sowparnika Guest House. Shri Lalithambika Guest House, Matha Chathram Guest House, Goenka Guest House etc. are also available. Altogether there are about 400 rooms combined in these facilities. Room rates are quite affordable for the common devotee. There is a dormitory in the bus stand complex for single visitors. Athithi Mandira is another facility that is run by the Ramakrishna Yogashram.
[edit] Legends

According to the legends, Kola Maharshi who was doing penance here, was disturbed by a demon who was also engaged in doing penance to please Lord Shiva, to get a boon from Him. To prevent the demon from fulfilling his evil desire, Adi Shakti made him dumb (mooka) and when the Lord appeared before him, he could not ask for anything. Thereupon he got enraged and soon began troubling Kola Maharshi who prayed to Adi Shakti for deliverance. Adi Shakti who vanquished demon Mookasura, was extolled by the gods as Mookambika. At Kola Maharshi's prayer, the Divine Mother accompanied by all the Gods; stayed there to be perpetually worshipped by the devotees.[3].

It is believed that Sri Adi Shankaracharya had a vision of Sri Mookambika Devi and he installed the deity here.The story goes like this. Adi Shankara mediated at Kudajadri hills and Devi was incarnated before him asking for his wish. He revealed his wish to incorporate devi to a place in Kerala to worship where he wanted.Devi agreed and put forward a challenge that she will follow Shankara and he should not look back until he reaches his destination.But to test Shankara, devi deliberately paused and when he couldn't hear Devi's anklets, Shankara suddenly turned around. Devi then stopped following him and asked Shankara to install her vigraha as he sees her.
[edit] Temple Pooja schedule
5.00 am Temple nada opens. Nirmaalyadarshana
6.00 am Usha pooja
7.30 am Mangala aarathi
8.30 am Bali
11.30 am Uchcha pooja
12.00 pm Maha naivedya
12.30 pm Maha mangala aarathi
1.00 pm Bali
1.30 pm Nada closes
3.00 pm Nada opens
6.00 pm Pradosha pooja
7.00 pm Salaam mangala aarathi and naivedyam
7.30 pm Mangala aarathi
8.00 pm Bali mangala aarathi
8.30 pm Bali utsava. Ashtavadhaana pooja in the Saraswathi mantapa
9.00 pm Kashaaya mangala aarathi. Temple nada closes.
[edit] Ornamental jewels of Sri Devi Mookambika

There is vast collection of jewels at the temple received as gifts of acknowledgement from the community of devotees who have realized their dreams and desires with the blessings of the Goddess. Of the various jewels of the Devi, the one in emerald is very valuable. Emerald represents knowledge. This temple has two processional deities of gold. One is offered by Rani Chennamma as a substitute for the missing original one. But subsequently the missing one was found and thus there are two processional idols. Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Sri. M.G.R. gifted a gold sword, which weighs one kg and is 2 feet long. The former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri Gundu Rao has gifted a similar type sword made of silver. The facial mask of Goddess Mookambika is completely made of gold and gifted by Vijaya Nagara Empire. The gold face mask of Jyothirlinga gifted by Chennammaji of Keladi is another unique ornament.[citation needed]
[edit] Nature around Kollur

The Kollur village is surrounded by thick evergreen forest and small other villages with arecanut gardens. The Kodachadri peak along with other peaks of Western Ghats make a beautiful view from the temple. The forest is always green and hosts several wild animals and birds. Rare plants are also seen and a forest called Ambavana between Kollur and Kodachadri is said to be impregnable.
[edit] Water falls

There is a beautiful waterfalls called Arasinagundi, at about 4 k.m. from temple. This waterfalls is situated at the foot of Kodachadri Hills and is one of most beautiful sights of this area. One has to trek 3 k.m. to reach this waterfalls, which is near Dali village.
[edit] Sowparnika River
Kudajadri Hills

The two rivers Agnithirtha & Sowparnika which flow in the sanctuary of mookambika descend from Kodachadri hills. The wee spring of cool water situated in between the temples of Kalabhairava and Umamaheshwara is the source of river Sowparnika. Legend says that Suparna (Garuda) did a penance on the banks of this river praying to the Goddess for the abatement of his mother Vinutha's sorrows. When the Goddess appeared before him, he prayed that the river be henceforth known after him, Suparna, and therefore came to be called as Sowparnika. At the location where he is said to have sat in penance, there is a small cave even today which is known as "Garuda's Cave".
Mantapa, Kodachadri Hills

This holy river takes birth at the Kodachadri and flows up to the edge of Anthargami (now oluru) region where two more streams called Bhrungisha and Pippalada join it. Then it flows westward, surrounding Kollur in the name of "Sampara", and proceeds to join the sea near the temple of "Maharajaswamy" (Varahaswamy) at Maravanthe. It is believed that river absorbs the elements of 64 different medicinal plants and roots as it flows, therefore it cures all the diseases of those who bathe in it. Hence a bath in this river assumes significance and is considered sacred.[citation needed][1]
[edit] Places of Interest Nearby

Baindoor : 15 k.m. Famous for beach Ottinane : 14 k.m. Where highland and sea meets, near Highway Nagara Fort : 30 k.m. Old fort visited by tourists Mookambika Reserve Forest : 5 k.m. includes Ghat Roads and forest view Sigandur : 35 k.m, a beautiful village with Chowdeswari Temple in the backwaters of Sharavathi. Maravanthe : 20 k.m. Where a Highway road passes between Arabean sea and River, only one of its kind in India.
(Thanks to wikipedia)

R K Rao
04-07-2010, 03:08 PM
Dear Shri Sundararji,

The post is really informative and will serve those also who wanted them but did not get the idea to ask here.

Thank you very much.

I also thank you for the kind blessings and look forward to the ensuing journey and Devi's darshan.

Regards, Sir.

RK Rao

04-07-2010, 09:40 PM
Being a Keralite born and brought up in Karnataka, I did not know so much about Kollur temple and devi Mookambika.

Apart from Vidyarambham (initiation of education), Arangettam of music and Bharathanatyam (first performance) are also considered as great blessings. It is also a place of communal harmony. Great singers like Yesudas perform here during Navarthri festival. The "Kashaya theertha" which includes many medicinal incorporations is good for choked throat and clearing of voice. There are many offerings which can be done on the spot and for some, bookings have to be done.

While thanking for the information provided, I wish all devotees a happy journey to this holy temple.

I also advice to take up pilgrimage trips to Belur and Halebeed, Sharavanabelagola etc which are also of histrionic importance

Prasanna Kumar

05-07-2010, 02:15 PM
when i first saw this thread started on gconnect,i wondered wether it is the right forum because so many travel sites are there which specialize in such queries

but after seeing mr sudar's reply i changed my mind
what a wonderful reply no doubts remain after going thru

very well done sundarji

R K Rao
05-07-2010, 07:59 PM
While thanking for the information provided, I wish all devotees a happy journey to this holy temple.

I also advice to take up pilgrimage trips to Belur and Halebeed, Sharavanabelagola etc which are also of histrionic importance

Prasanna Kumar

Mr. Prasanna Kumar,

Thank you for the blessings and additional information.

Regards, Sir.

RK Rao

R K Rao
05-07-2010, 09:08 PM
when i first saw this thread started on gconnect,i wondered wether it is the right forum.

very well done sundarji


While starting the thread, I had the same doubt in my mind too - " whether
this is the right forum for this?

I did not know whether other sites would be safer, which would be the exact site to look for and whether proper information will be available.

But I knew one thing for sure - At the Gconnect site one gets correct details from knowledgeable people, and it is a safe site.

Hence I decided to raise the issue in this forum and I was not disappointed.

I am glad that you too appreciate the way I do and you have rightly said " very well done sundarji "

Regards, Sir