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17-06-2010, 03:23 PM
Dear colleagues,
Hopefully you can provide me your wise inputs on the following matter:
I joined govt. service in Jan 2006. For the block years 2006-07, I availed an All-India LTC. For block years, 2008-09, I availed a home LTC. But 6th CPC recommendations were notified in Sept,2008 which provided for LTCs every year for first 8 years from date of joining. My question is:
1. Is there provision of 1 year grace period for fresh recruits?
2. If the grace period is not available, the effective number of LTCs that can be availed by fresh recruits would be reduced to 7 thereby hurting their interests. Logically, it should be there.
3. But if grace period is made available, a person may be become entitled for 2 LTCs in the same calendar year. Is there any notification, barring 2 LTCs in the same year? OM dated 23/09/2008 specifies the frequency of travel under LTC being retained

I had approached my office claiming for a grace period so that 2009 home LTC, I could avail in 2010. But they refused saying that there is no clarification and that i could avail 2010LTC only. The earlier 2009 has lapsed.