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05-06-2010, 11:59 AM
my wife is working as staff nurse from last 5 years in pgi chandigarh which is a autonomus deemed university under ministry of health and family welfare while myself is working as lab. techinician SINCE TWO YEARS in health department in haryana (state govt. job) and currently posted at karnal ( 130 k.m. away from chandigarh).i want to know that

1. there is another autonomus deemed university UNDER MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE RESEARCH named N.D.R.I in karnal and post of staff nurses are vaccant in this institute. can my wife apply for transfer from pgi chandigarh to n.d.r.i karnal ?


2. can my wife apply for transfer from pgi chandigarh to health department, haryana (AS posts of staff nurse are also vaccant in haryana) ?


3. can myself apply for transfer from health department ,harana to pgi chandigarh ( as nature of job and qualification at both places are same) ?

please guide which option we can choose and also tell about the complete process of this transfer and how much time this process will take ?