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30-05-2010, 10:45 PM
Red rule, may be a better alternative to choose from : Maoism/ Naxalism, Taliban & a land of Crore patties Dalits , OBCS & Mafias. If the present scenario is not changed through the intervention of the Civil Society , these will be the only options left to our Grand children.
Maoist & Naxalite movements are undoubtedly intelligently hatched conspiracies with foreign, internal political, intellectual and logistic support to grab power.
Centre & State blame game, bickering among political clan , the Sociologists, Socialites
By passing advice of Military/ Para military expert by the govt. , lack of political Will are the factors in their favour
During my years of posting in Chamble valley in. the state of Madhya Pradesh I had a chance to have close look on the modus operandi of Dacoit gangs which were much less trained &organized than the Naxals/Maoist : No Agency could work in their area without giving them25% share/protection money & no Govt. officers/supervisor was able to work contrary to their will . After purchase of Arms & ammunition , payment to their logistics in Police /else where , meeting gangs operational costs and paying for free bees like helping the poor, the balance of Money was being loaned to retailers in small towns & villagers on easy terms & low interest.
Naxalite /Maoists .in addition to above have added employment for dignified living to their module. Disgruntled & dissatisfied intellectuals and so called social workers who were hitherto asleep for over 30 years on developmental issues have suddenly woken up & are helping them build favourable public opinion.
Some frustrated ex-servicemen who are instead of being given alternative employment in Police and Paramilitary outfits are thrown on the road with meager pensions, are training them for good returns. If the Govt; does not take care of the persons who sacrificed their youth serving the Nation & the Government i.e.55000 of able bodied defence personnel & about 12000 of Central & State govt. employees in good health who are being retired every year may fall into the hands of Naxal / Maoist and similar out fits in a big way.
If there is no financial crunch for pegging up the salaries &perks of legislatures by five times and Economy is stout bearing the burnt of scams worth thousands of Crores every year .Why the treasure of knowledge & experience of ex-servicemen and the Sr. Citizens can not be taken care of.
"Militancy is Fish in the Pond of dissatisfaction, drain out the water of dissatisfaction, it will die"
Will Civil Society come to the front to save this Country?
Genl. Secy. RREWA
Secretary (Railways) B.P.S.