View Full Version : Reimbursement of LTC of shortest route

19-05-2010, 06:42 PM
Dear Sir,
Please clarify the admissible for shortest route for the journey performed from Kolkata to mussorie .
My grade pay is Rs.6600.00
I performed my journey By Rajdhani exp. (AC-II tier) from Kolkata to New Delhi and New Delhi to Mussourie by state transport.

The return journey from Mussourie to New Delhi by road and New delhi to Kolkata by AIR INDIA(Economy class)

AIR fare is admissible for only AIR INDIA but there is no AIR INDIA service and private airlines is available from New Delhi to Dehradun.

Whether My claim is justified the above journey.

OR the claim may be admissible from Kolkata to Dehradun by shortest route Rail service (AC-II tier) and rest Dehradun to Mussourie by bus. and Back. ADE

20-05-2010, 12:27 PM
Since you erformed the journey by train ltc by train shall be applicable not the ltc by air(.) in this case though you are entitled to travel by air but performed the journey by rail therefore train fare by shortest route to mussoorrie shall be admissible(.) and since there is direct train from kolkata to dehradun your claim shall be restricted to train fare from kolkata to dehradun only(.)