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16-05-2010, 04:40 PM
hello sir,
I am Rahul working as male nurse in an autonomous body.I took 7days EL in the month of april 2009.I submitted EL form nd joining form together after availing it but my office people made it leave without pay.I took it after sanctioned.My pay was recovered after 1 yr in april 2010.Is there any option where I can get back pay recovered bcoz it was made EOL intensly due to personal reason with my seniors.I have a proof that I took EL after intimation to my senior.I have given application to release my pay for said period but they are telling that the person who made it (leave without pay) retired.so they do not have authority to change it.
Kindly reply it.

16-05-2010, 05:43 PM
My dear friend Rahul,

You state and I quote "....I submitted EL form nd joining form together after availing it........". If I am right you are saying that you gave the application for leave alongwith joining after availing such a leave. Which according to me is not a pre sanctioned leave. Maybe your boss agreed for you to take leave and then apply for it in oral but you have not completed the procedure of prior sanction and hence you land up in this trouble. The best course for you now is that you send an RTI application to your Administrative Officer and get the detail of the case as it stands today officially. If there are noting of willful absence or such and after such noting your leave has been treated as EOL there is little that you can do now but if there isn't sufficient paper work from the administrative side, you have a chance to represent.