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R K Rao
14-03-2010, 09:32 PM
Dear Mr. Suresh Sir,

Today I saw a query from you in the shout box as to whether there was any suggestions from our side to G Connect Adm. In response, Mr Krishnan had asked what type of suggestion you are expecting. But thereafter I did not find any communication. I also found that you are no longer on line there. Hence, I thought of taking this opportunity and make a suggestion as under, which you may consider and discard if not feasible.

The suggestion is:

a) Presently the shout box is a small rectangle. You know very well that people on opening the G connect may first see the important news and then go to discussion forum and therafter dirfectly to shout box. They then remain there. i.e. Maximum time is spent in front of shout box.

b) I find that we have to keep on moving the shout box up and down to shift pages and start reading from the bottom.

c) When I open the shout box in the evening, to go to the first page of the day, I have to several time click to go to several pages back. There is no provision (I think) to go directly to a page (other than first few pages).

Hence, Sir,

a) If the shout box is widened like the Message box through which I am writing this now (WRITING BEFORE POSTING) by repositioning the ' More in Lifesytle' and 'Calculators', it will be nice. There should also be a provision to go to any particular date (within the last 15/20 days so that we can refer if anything is required).

b) Also, the flow of the text could be from bottom to top which I feel will be easier to read.

In addition, Sir,

There should be a separate box (may be just above the shout box, same length but a smaller width only to contact the GConnect Adm members. i.e. We should use it only to address the Gconnect Adm members and only G Connect Adm members can reply through that (and not other members). Then any message meant for GConnect adm membrs will not be lost in the continous shout of other members.

[You may also like to change the name of 'Shout Box' to " Opinon Box" or " Discussion Box"].

Lastly Sir,

I once again thank you for changing the color of the lettering which has made the shout box a really pleasant one to continously read.