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09-03-2010, 04:34 PM
The cadre restructuring in cbec is progressing at a snails pace. the welcome news, however, is that the posts are going to be determined on assesee base and not on revenue.

Even the assesee based cadre restructuring may not mitigate stagnation. around 3000 fresh additional posts and another 500 posts due to promotion in higher level expected. This is to be filled by one time promotion. appying 15:2:1 (Cex;Prev;Appg) supdts upto 1996 in Cex and 1997 in Cus will be promoted.

But the catch is that about 2500 of these officers will retire en-mass from 2012 to 2014.

upsc does not allow DR in excess of 100 in a batch. the question is how further regular promotions can be made.

The only answer is insitu promotion to the grade of DC from Supdts with 10 year service (qualifying service from 4800 to 6600 is 6 years; eligibility is 1.5 times qualifying service) and consequent promotion of all Insprs with 12 year service.

inorder to prevent loss of pay in comparision to coveals in sister departments, one option to persuade board/ministry to grant two non-functional grades; lower selection grade LSG & higher selection grade HSG for Inspectors & Supdts.

Inspector PB2 4600; LSG PB2 4800 after 5 years and HSG PB2 5400 after 10 years

Supdt PB2 5400; LSG PB3 5400 after 4 years and HSG PB3 6600 after 8 years.

Seeking comments