View Full Version : Pay fixation in promotion

24-02-2010, 10:15 AM
I am servicing in Agricultural university (SAU). I appointed as Agricultural Officer( class-III) in the pay 5500-9000 in the Julyr 1995. I got higher pay scale 8000-275-13500 in same cadre (Agricultural Officer) w.e.f. 18/7/2004. Again I got promotion wef 7/7/2009 in the same pay scale of 8000-275-13500 but in Teacher cadre.
At present I got new 6th pay 15400 pay +5400 grade pay=20800 of Agricultural officer wef 1/1/2006 up to the date 6/7/2009. In July 2009 my 5th pay was 9325 basic and new 6th pay fixed is 23780 pay +5400 GP =29180 in the cadre of Agricultural Officer( class-III) pay scale 8000-275-13500 up to 6/7/2009.
As I promoted in teacher cadre (UGC) wef 7/7/2009 in the 5th pay pay scale of 8000-275-13500 (with basic pay 9325) I entitled for pay band 15600-39100+6000 GP in 6th pay wef 7/7/2009.
What is my new 6th pay after 7/7/2009 ? How can fixed it wef 7/7/2009. Is there any calculator for calculation ?