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07-02-2010, 12:59 PM
There are contradictory decision/bunching in OM No.1/1/2008-IC dated 13th October, 2008 in 1st para 3rd and 4th paras.

The Para 1 given an illustration 4A for the purpose of fixation. When we look into illustration 4A appeared in gazetee Notification page No.63 it appears an amount of Rs.240/- has been given as bunching benefit . ie., The pay arrived for the existing 3125x1.86= 5813 and after rounding it is 5820. When bunching is provided (ie., 5820+1900=7720x3%=231.60 which is rounded as Rs.240/-) the basic was fixed as 6060(5820+240). Here two points are to be noted ie., 1. Grade Pay also considered for granting increments to alleviate bunching. 2. Even for one stage (Rs.3050+75=3125) in 3050-75-3950 granted one bunching.

The 3rd para of the OM states an employee drawing 3575 in the scale 3050-75-4590 (ie., 7th stage in the scale) has fixed only 6650 (3575x1.86) ie., without any bunching in the 7th stage in a particular scale when his scale was upgraded.

Further to add, the gazettee notification page No.35 (ie., Rule 7 (A) under (ii) 2nd para stipulates “where in the fixation of pay, the pay of government servants drawing pay at two or more consecutive stages in an existing scale gets bunched, this is to say, gets fixed in the revised pay structure at the same stage in the pay band, then for every two stages so bunched, the benefit of one increment shall be given……. Grade pay would not be taken into account for the purchase of granting increments to alleviate bunching.

If so the employee who was drawing 3575 in the scale of 3050-75-4590 (ie. 7th stage in the scale) must get at least 3 increments(ie. One each for two stages). One increment for bunching would be 6650x3% = Rs.200/- . So his pay would have been fixed 6650+600 (200x3) = 7250. Whereas the MOF in the said OM vide para 3 fixed only Rs.6650

Further, the 4th para of the said OM stipules the procedure is to be adopted in all cases where pay scales have been upgraded by the pay commission in all the departments including Central secretariat and other common categories which also reflects the fixation in the Central secretariat and field offices are one and same. Then how the CSS alone can fix the pay of assistants in the fitment table of 6500-10,500 (ie. First fixing in 6500-10,500 and there after multiplied by 1.86).

Therefore the decision of Ministry of Finance in para 1st 2nd and 3rd in the said OM is contradictory to one another.

Kindly comment on my observation.