View Full Version : pensioners problems

31-01-2010, 02:48 PM
No doubt pension is a great help to the retired. But, in the recent times the house rent, prices of essential commodities, High cost of hospitalisation has harmed the pensioners to a great extent . The value of the pension has been eroded greatly. As a result as a pensioner I find it very difficult to maintain a decent living. i therefore feel that the Govt. should consider 1. a nominal HRA to the pensioners, 2. Medical insurance to the pensioners with cashless treatment facility.

07-02-2010, 12:25 PM
The allround cost of living has reduced the value of pension substantially. Recently I was hospitalised due to serious illness. Believe me or not, the entire amount I got as retirement benifits-gratuity,leave salary,commutation and the alsovthe GPF was washed away and I had to raise a loan of about 5 lakhs. Dont know how long it would take me to repay that. It is absolutely necessary for the Govt. to provide health insurance with cashless treatment facility.I only pray that whatever happened to me should not happen to the other pensioners. It would be of great help if the govt.considred a nominal HRA as suggested because of the steep escalation in the rentals. Many of the essentials, including pulses have become luxuries. Fortunately I dont need sugar because of diabetes. Hope Govt. will cosider the welfare of the pensioners and take some positivr steps early. Every single day matters to the senior citizens.