View Full Version : Pay fixation - opting on date of ACPS

30-01-2010, 11:52 AM
Please anyone provide a solution to opt for financial and service benifits :
Joined in Service : 11-12-1995
Designation : Pharmacist
Pre-revised pay : 4500-125-7000
basic pay on 1-1-06 : 4500
Old Increment month : December
1. I'll be completing 12 years of service on 11-12-2007 and will be provided one ACP - is that correct ?
2. The ACP will be the next higher pay scale of 5500-175-9000.-is this correct?
3. Shall I opt to get my scale fixed from 1-1-06 or from the date of Financial Upgradation ? which choice will be more useful in service and benefical to me ?
4. Please provide me a calculator or give a link, so that I Can calculate and provide much information to my higher authorities, because they are saying that " you choose the option of getting pay scale fixed from date of ACP, and your payscale will be fixed in revised structure on that date, which'll be more benficial"

I'm in dilemma, please clarify with relevant orders,

thanx in advance.