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28-01-2010, 01:25 PM
All viewers,
I have been chatting in the chatter box of GC connect and the box was found verymuch useful for the Central Government Employees. Recently I found some bad elements wanted to tarnish the image of such plaftforum. I would like to narrate my bitter experence with one Mr.Sel.
As and when people wanted to ask more doubts cleared according to their request I used to give my mobile number and e.mail. ID. Accordingly a months back Mr.Sel who has been chating in the chatter box wanted to get my number and the same was given to him. The very next day Mr.Sel made a call to my mobile number and introduced that he is Mr...Sel...(Selvan) etc. He further relvealed that he is working in Andaman and working Steno.Gr.I (6500-10,500) and after clearing his doubt, he wanted to continue talk and during dialouge he relvaled he belongs to Kerala in Kollam District and Working in National Sample Survey in Andaman. Soon after his talk I saved his number(9474293727) in my mobile . So we continued chatting in the chatter box. After some weeks, I received a mis call from the same number. Since I did not take the call, he sent a SMS from the same number in the name of Sunil Kumar and as I told he sent a mail to my E.mail ID seeking further clarification of fixation. His e-mail ID is "Sunil Kumar <[email protected]> ". That too I replied. There starts the problem, he started using unhealthy languages in the chatter box by name Mr.Sel, Mr.Sunil Kumar thereafter. Today(28.1.2010) also in the morning Mr.Sel, he used some unhealthy language while chatting. He wanted to escape from the roleply done by him. After wards there were shouting from Mr.Toophan and mr.Mohan-2 using unhealthy leanguage for aged persons.

In the light of the above, I appeal the administrators of this GC connect, chatter box to kindly allow the people only after getting it registered with their name, full address and phone numbers etc.etc. After regisration also, the GC connect has to allow chatting after verification of at least mobile number. Otherwise, people like Mr.Sel, Mr.Sunil Kumar, Mr.Toofan and Mr.Mohan-2 etc.etc. may make use of this opportunity for unwanted and unhealthy dialogues.

I hope appropriate action will be taken by GC Connect to keep away these bad elements for the good intention of the Central Govenrment Employees.
Similarly I appeal to all the users to keep minimum standard of behaviour while communicating as the debates are not on personal views but based on what is available in the paper.

By S. Krishnan

28-01-2010, 05:20 PM
It is very sad a good fourm like Gconnect chat is being misused by some of the elements and this type of experience may occur to more of our members. My appeal to all is not to make use of this forum for any type of mischiefs and all possible measures should be taken to stem such behaviour.

Prasanna Kumar

R K Rao
28-01-2010, 08:01 PM

It is very unfortunate that I am working in an atomosphere where all the clerical staff are very junior to me and their exposure to admin work (interpretation of rules and regulations) is almost Nil.

Even I was in a different (EDP) section pulled out and put in admin due to my having more number of years of service.

Hence when the pay commission rules and the MACPs etc. came suddenly in one go from the top with a time frame to implement, I did not know where to look for because a wrong action will affect many employees or lead to a long and cumbersome arguments with audit.

It is during this time I came across this GConnect forum. Here I saw clear clarifications, links to rules and considered opinions are offered by learned people in various fields in the govt. department. Due to this, whenever I am in doubt, I seek clarification or read clarification given on similar issues raised by others.

Under such circumstances, it is sad to learn that misuse is being made (but to what end? and to benefit whom?). I hope goodwill will prevail and people will take right advantage of this good forum.

Before ending just a thought - When such a good forum is there for all to see and read, why keep giving personal numbers etc. to others. Had this not been done, this sad incidence would not have taken place. If some one wants to clarify on a matter (his opinion) he can do so in the forum which will either be accepted by others or corrected if not considered to be in order.

Hence, while I also feel that at least phone number verification can be done, if feasible, to have accountability and also the people unconvined with the clarifications or feeling let down should not resort to foul languages, it is also my feeling that we should restrict our exposure through this forum only, which could not be more transperent.