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22-01-2010, 09:28 PM
Dear friends,

As per the Gazette Notification with regard to fixation of pay for office staff working outside the secretariat, the pay is fixed as follows.

Ref: Page No.45 para 3.1.14

in scale 4500 and 5000 GP 4200

in scale of 5500 GP ....... ? Nothing mentioned

in scale 6500 GP 4600


1). Will the merger clause be applicable for the office staff ?

2). There is no mention with regard to the GP for scale of 5500 ?

3) . Will the UDC, automatically get the GP-4200 ?

Senior members and the members kindly post your comments.


24-01-2010, 02:30 PM
The Gazetee Notification page No.45 (Office staff working in organizations outside the secretariat) specific upgradations of certain common categories of Head Clerk/Assistants/Steno.Gr.II/equivlant/ were given. This is applicable for all field offices. Accordingly pre-scale 4500-7000 and 5000-8000 are merged and revised to 6500-10,500 with 4200 GP(3.1.14)

As regards feeder and promotion grades such as 5000-8000, 5500-9000 and Rs.,6500-10,500 are in the common categories for which specific merging and up gradations are made. There is no designation wise separate mention in 6th cpc for common categories of posts in pre-5000 and 5500 which are merged with 6500. These pre-scales have been merged as per Gazette Notification page No.44 and the pre 6500-10,500 was further upgraded to 7450-11,500. If at all any scale is merged with 6500-10,500, that merged scale of 6500-10,500 only will upgrade to 7450. So now there is only one pre-revised scale for all these cadres ie., 7450-11,500. That’s why the OM dated 13.11.2009 granted GP 4600 (40% of 11,500) to “existing” and “replaced” pre-revised scale of 6500-10,500 who were drawn GP 4200 as on 1.1.2006. Further also refer page 207 of the report –Chapter 3.8.1 which states “common categories of staff are those categories that are engaged in similar functions spread across various Ministries/departments/ organisatins of the Central Governments. These categories are not limited to any specific Ministry or department and, therefore, any decision taken for them impacts more than one ministry/department/organizations”. Hence there is no question of treating CSS or pre-6500-10,500 separately for grant of GP4600. Whereas in the Section Officers of CSS has been specifically mentioned separately and revised in the gazetee notification at page. No.44. If at all there had a separate consideration needed for the assistants (these merged scales) of CSS, it would have been very well included in the Pay Commission Report and Gazetee Notification below Section Officers. But the cpc categorically mentioned parity with regard to those pre-revised merged scales. Further Page No.45 of the report states that these scales have been merged to bring parity between field offices; the secretariat; the technical posts; and the workshop staff. This was necessary to ensure that due importance is given to the levels concerned with actual delivery.

So all these merged scale will get GP 4600 and fixation first in 7450-11,500 and thereafter the pay arrived/fixed in the 7450-11,500 will be further multiplied by 1.86

There are some misinterpretations and unhealthy dialogues from skeleton corners that the GP 4600 is for those existing 6500-10,500 in the 5th cpc, that is wrong. THERE ARE VERY CLEAR CLARIFICATIONS in the gazette notification Page 44, item (iii) & (iv) which states that the existing pre-revised 6500-10,500 having Degree in Law /Engineering can only be given GP 4600/- directly. All others existed in 6500-10,500 who are not carrying minimum qualification of Law/Engineering will go together with pre-5000-8000 and 5500-9000 and merge with 6500-10,500 and will further upgrade to 7450-11,500 in consultation with the Ministry of Finance for GP of 4600..

Now the anomaly is with regard to fixation as was clarified MOF and also bunching in the appropriate stage. If the pay is upgraded first in the pre-revised replaced scale and fixation benefit under FR22 or FR23 is given , the further fixation in PB2 will be :- pay arrived in the upgraded scale x 1.86 +4600. The MOF clarification, fixation done by NIC, AIR, EPFO AGS and CSS are in these lines only.