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  1. This Historic CPC
  2. There will be no da merger this time too, when da will cross 50% & 100%
  3. Withholding of annual increments of non-performers
  4. allowances
  5. 7 CPC Pay fixation Form of Option
  6. Pay Matrix Not following the Rule of 3% Increment as approved by cabinet....
  7. fixation option
  8. pre-2016 pension calculation
  9. Pay Fixation in lower post.
  10. Option for pay fixation
  11. Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) on 7th CPC arrears
  12. Applicability of 7th pay commission to Autonomous Bodies
  13. Pay fixation option
  14. Pay fixation option
  15. pay fixation
  16. Pay fixation after granting NFS w.e.f. 01.07.2016
  17. Pay fixation on getting promotion after 1.1.2016 who has been awarded MACP
  18. 7th CPC to Autonomous Bodies
  19. Revised ugc 7th pay commission
  20. 7th CPC allowances arrears
  21. Reg.revised option for pay fixation
  22. How should the Pay Matrix of Seventh CPC look like......
  23. Option for Pay Fixation on later date
  24. annual increment
  25. FR rules for Employer responsibility towards timely payment of salary, timely credit