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  1. Request for Administrative contents and useful links from GConnect members
  2. How to fix Pay
  3. Granting 5400GP to GroupB Officers after 4 years of service
  4. Male dominated Society- A misnomer
  5. Transfer ta
  6. Cea
  7. Saga of ‘haves’I
  8. Saga of ‘haves’ ii
  9. Saga of ‘haves’ iii
  10. verification of Service Book every year
  11. Stepup of Pay
  12. Classification of posts
  13. 6th pay commission fixation of pay of ldc/udc in the post of Assistant from 01.01.200
  14. Commutation of Pension
  15. what is the dividing line between gazetted and non-gazetted in 6th CPC
  16. Acp
  17. injustice to LDC/UDC CADRE
  18. think think what notifications/OMs says w.r.to. pay of stenographers
  19. grade pay from 4200 to 4600 simple calculator
  20. Pay fixation in Promotion after 1-1-2006
  21. The Anomaly committe points of discussion
  22. Rti on-line certificate course
  23. clarification pay fixation on nfsg 5400
  24. Cgegis benefits
  25. TA on tour
  26. Minimum quality for chatting in chatter box
  27. Anomaly – points for consideration at the time of rectification.
  28. Contradictory decision/bunching -6th cpc
  29. Parity between Field and Secretariat Offices
  30. Fixation as per fitment table and bunching
  31. 6th CPC Needs urgent Rectifications
  32. Whether we need fresh clarification for fixation, bunching and stepping up from MOF?
  33. Notional Incrtement for June Retirees
  34. Recognised Hospitals.
  35. LTC Advance for North East
  36. Certain important points for 27th NAC meeting
  37. past service counting for pension from state govt. to central govt.
  38. Restriction of officiating pay under FR 35
  39. Counting Previous service in State Govt in Central Govt.
  40. Children Education Allowance
  41. Counting Previous service in State Govt in Central Govt.
  42. NAC Meeting 27th March - Points for inclusion - Clerical staff
  43. Appeal to NAC members with compiled anomaly points for discussion on 27th
  44. Chanting magical phrase “Adakadabra” for pay fixation in lieu of CCS(R.P)Rules 2008
  45. technical resignation
  46. Pay difference in pay scale of AO(CBEC)
  47. Why fixation for the pre-revised 5500-9000 alone in 7450-11,500
  48. Wrong Fixations and stepping up on or after 1.1.2006 in 7450-11,500
  49. Answer to Parliament Question No.6584
  50. USED vs LOVED
  51. Stolen my Password of GConnect
  52. Parity between field office and CSS
  53. CSS assistants are not alone eligible for GP4600 and fixation in 7450-11,500
  54. judgement in OA 1165/2010
  55. Why field offices demand parity-reason and historical parity-judgements at a glance.
  56. Advance increments to stenographers (ord. scale)-eligibbility-clarification-reg.
  57. Pre 5500-9000 were given fixation in 7450-11,500 and Gp 4600 w.e.f. 1.1.2006
  58. Transport allowance
  59. Onam
  60. Increament
  61. Rupee symbol
  62. motor car loan
  63. New outlook
  64. pay fixation
  65. promotion
  66. promotion
  67. allowances
  68. pay calculaiton
  69. Ltc
  70. Election duty
  71. Equal pay Fixation for Equal pre-revised scales - draft OA for CAT - 1st part
  72. ltc
  73. CAT Jodhpur/Calcutta bench Judgments. Inspector, C. Ex
  74. Change of name
  75. Reg. ACR
  76. Ltc
  77. LTC Plan
  78. LTYC Plan
  79. LTC plan
  80. Hba
  81. Ltc
  82. New Disability Act
  83. Ltc
  84. Hra
  85. Tohike- Fixed Medical allowance under-6th-pay-commission for pondicherry teachers
  86. World Disability Day
  87. LTC NEH region
  88. Ltc
  89. Ltc
  90. Ltc
  91. pay fixation
  92. ltc
  93. Admission of Application in CAT
  94. Two Pension!
  95. LTC approval
  96. correction in letter
  97. Transfer TA to North East
  98. LTC to NEH region
  99. GPF withdrawal file
  100. LTC andaman
  101. LTC Andaman
  102. MACP and Gradepay clarification
  103. Enhancement in ceiling for reimbursement for purchase of brief case
  104. Serious Anomalies and discrimination - an appeal to NAC members for 15th Feb.meeting
  105. Final withdrawal from gpf
  106. Critera for pay fixation
  107. food bills
  108. Tour TA as per new rules and DA with old rates
  109. Tour DA, taxi charges of Rs 150 per diem Vs taxi charges for visiting another town
  110. Family Pension to unmarried daughters of Central Government servents. StatE Govt?
  111. Victims of partiality - Central Govt. employees of subordinate offices
  112. Increament bet Jan to June for Pay fixation on occation of 6th Pay Commission reg:
  113. counting the last central government service in new central govenrment service
  114. Up-gradation of Pay Scale of Scientific Assistant from PB-1 to PB2
  115. DPCs before 31.3.2011 and single window system in UPSC for on the spot scruitiny
  116. Promotion
  117. option letter
  118. Violation of Fundamental Rule – fixation of KM.Kabui – needs urgent clarification.
  119. A look at the salient features of Jan Lokpal Bill:
  120. Basis rule for pay scale fixation
  121. Request for clarification to grant me Grade pay of Rs.4600/-
  122. rules to get pension for widow
  123. What is Anomaly? If not , can we name as corruption when there is deviation ?.
  124. ? Legalised corruption in GOI?
  125. Education Allowance
  126. Attendance Rule
  127. Child Care Leave - whether to sabction to Fixed Term Employees of three years
  128. Shelf life for APARs
  129. circular
  130. Restriction of pay under FR.35 - Whether the OM is genuine?
  131. Compulsory Retirement
  132. Training without money
  133. If Rules of 6th cpc are violated by Model employer/DOPT/CSS officials, Remedy?
  134. LTC to jammu kashmir
  135. Upgradation of posts retrispectvely as per 5th CPC
  136. LTC to J&K
  137. LTC to port blair (havloc)
  138. Fixation of the Pay of Surveyor Gr.I in 6 cpc
  139. Personal pay to English stenographers for hindi work
  140. A Doubt regd pay fixation for new recruits of 5500-9000 (pre-revised)
  141. LTC to J&K
  142. Pay Fixation
  143. Onam
  144. Links requested for central gov Establishment and administrative rules
  145. disciplinary proceedings
  146. disciplinary proceedings
  147. Regarding MACP in my case.
  148. bonus
  149. transfer&posting policy of physically handicapped employees
  150. Withdrawl from gpf
  151. Family Planning allowance
  152. government accomodation
  153. Early repayment of scooter advacnce or computer advance
  154. Delay in payment of benifets to the survivors of personnel died in service
  155. relation GPF withdrawl and computer advance
  156. Is rs. 13860/- minimum basic pay for grade pay 4600/-
  157. Apar disclosure
  158. attendance
  159. position
  160. education allowance
  161. Disciplinary Proceedings
  162. Stepping up of pay and Date of next increment
  163. Acp
  164. Regarding GPF Interest
  165. Pay fixation on promotion in my case
  166. 2nd MACP
  167. Pay fixation on promotion
  168. MACP and Pay fixation
  169. MACP on Technical Posignatiom
  170. Eligibility to get MACP in case of Technical Resignation
  171. Non Creamy Layer certificate for OB C employees.
  172. Road Milege
  173. regarding availing ltc two times in one block year
  174. Stepping up of Income tax Inspectors
  175. plan 2 visit LAKSHADWEEP? i had been there on LTC recently. i can guide you.
  176. Counting of Ad-hoc period for the purpose of Seniority & Promotion
  177. Pay fixation anomaly
  178. Transport Allowance in lieu of office transport
  179. Promotion & Corruption
  180. Merit based promotion & corruption
  181. Need for administrative reforms in central government service in india
  182. Govt quarter eligibility
  183. Income tax planning for assessment year 2013 - 14
  184. Ltc
  185. Reply of Secretary, JDA (Jaipur Developmen​t Authority) in reply to letter by undersi
  186. Request for advice to IDBI Bank for funding of escalation & cost of parking in HLA an
  187. Public Complaint/Grievance Petition against the "M/o UD & HUPA, GoI & the CGEWHO" in
  188. Disparity of Pvt.Secretary category in Railways (Open line)
  189. Complaint about Samsung Galaxy S 3 mobile phone
  190. Increment for broken officiating periods
  191. Pay fixation for whom pay has been reduced due to disciplinary case
  192. Travelling allownce
  193. Second pension option for absorbees
  194. One increment for promotion in same grade pay
  195. Increment for carrying out higher responsibility
  196. Pay fixation on Deputation
  197. G-Connect, the Villain
  198. Now get stepping up of pay against additonal increment Feb to June 06 account
  199. nayak
  200. Cadre Restructuring
  201. upgradation of grade pay from 4600 to 4800
  202. Fixation of Inter se Seniority
  203. Post deemed abolished
  204. What is the Status of National Anomaly Committee?
  205. age limit for recrutitment of chargeman in OFs -rules VS DOPT orders
  206. 7th CPC
  207. DA for foreign Travel
  208. LEIN Request but no response till date in PSU's
  209. new addition in cghs plastic card
  210. Grade pay of rs. 5,400/- for supdts in customs after compulsory retirement
  211. Ltc 80
  212. child care leave
  213. child care leave
  214. child care leave
  215. Child care leave
  216. MACP merged pay scale - clarification
  217. Withdrawl from a GPF Fund
  218. Wrong PAN No. stated by my Deptt. in Form-16 for A.Y.:- 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14.
  219. Seeking clarification regarding Technical Resignation
  220. Problem on deducting Income Tax
  221. withdraw of attestation by gazetted officer for issuance of OBC cerificate
  222. Aebas
  223. Insurance in death case
  224. Additional increment as on 1/1/2006 for those stagnating at the maximum
  225. One more Option for GPF to CPF conversion for those who were in service before 1.1.86
  226. Abdul Kalam: Former Indian President Dies at 83... TRIBUTE
  227. Ltc
  228. Ccl
  229. Regarding LTC Claim for North East
  230. Administrative duty
  231. Cbi duty.
  232. Macp
  233. Pay fixation of upgraded scales -already reached upgrded pay under macp.
  234. Non Functional Upgradation of Pharmacist
  235. Macp
  236. Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Pensioners
  237. Earned Leave to Vacation Department Employees after 7 CPC
  238. pay fixation
  239. Reimbursement of NEWS paper bills to the employee who is under suspension
  240. Entitlement / eligibility of Scientific Officer 'C' to receive 'Night Duty Allowance'
  241. Macp
  242. Medical leave
  243. Next increament after pay fixation
  244. Macp
  245. Ccl