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  1. Roster
  2. Roster
  3. Holiday on 14.04.2009
  4. Option to draw increment from 01st january
  5. Election duty assignment.
  6. Increment for passing PRAGAYA (HINDHI)
  7. One staff association of non-gezetted and gezetted employees
  8. Election Duty - Heirarchy in service.
  9. Counting of Past Service
  10. Cost ceiling of flat the govt. employee can buy
  11. Non adherance to GOI Orders
  12. housing + grade pay linked eleigibility vis-a-vis earlier basic pay eligiblity
  13. The New Govt Accomodation rules are proclaimed or not?
  14. Organised Group A services
  15. Is Necessary To get Permission from DE to go to abroad?
  16. Re-employed ex-serviceman pensioner.
  17. DPC Proceedings under RTI
  18. Cea
  19. Help ! Clear doubts about RTI act
  20. Computer Advance
  21. Tuition fees
  22. Overtime allowance
  23. Death cum retirement gratuity
  24. denial of transport allowance to vacational staff
  25. Is pregnancy a problem for getting Govt Job
  26. Festival advance
  27. Air ticket
  28. Applying in diff. dept. if already in Govt. service
  29. To jitendraacr
  30. Providing Liveries to eligible Group C & D staff
  31. Payroll software . .
  32. Seeking Expert opinion..
  33. Acps/macps
  34. Leaving central Govt. job to join autonomous body after 12 years
  35. Voluntary Retirement
  36. How To get ISBN No for Text Book Publications
  37. Pension Commutation
  38. gratuity in case of premature retirement
  39. Staff Quarter Allocation
  40. Option for retirement
  41. Non creamy layer certificate
  42. Nursing allowance
  43. CGEGIS subscription
  44. clarification about FR-17 A
  45. other service matter
  46. Distric Industrial Centre-Injustice
  47. Validity of panel
  48. Medical checkup!
  49. Status of municipal corporation of delhi. (mcd) and its employees.
  50. Overtime in workshops(Railways)
  51. Computer advance
  52. Regulation of TA/LTC
  53. service matter
  54. Counting of previous service
  55. counting of former service to join old pension scheme
  56. Movable property: intimation under conduct rules
  57. Special Disability Leave
  58. Service Matter
  59. Reservation
  60. Reservation
  61. advance increments can be granted to the Stenographers (Ordinary Grade) in Subordinat
  62. Service condition for Promotion to SAG & HAG
  63. Official tour to North East Region (Agartala/Guwahati)
  64. Clarification on advance increments to stenographers
  65. Pharmacist as a Compounder
  66. Ta in case of appointment
  67. Age Relaxation for State Govt. Employees?
  68. Rti online course by dopt
  69. Movable and immovable property
  70. Compensatory Off & TA.
  71. Seniority and grade pay
  72. Software programs
  73. Extension of Services Format
  74. Benefits of past service in same department
  75. Foreign Travel _ Complications
  76. Age relaxation
  77. cadre restructuring in cbec
  78. Pay protection on counting past service
  79. Upgradation of Gr.D as Gr.C
  80. Redemption of mileage points
  81. Other service matters - A different service recognised
  82. APAR - Group C/D
  83. Who lodges the FIR with the Police.
  84. Visiting Cards / Business cards for Govt. Officer
  85. Apar
  86. Probation Period?
  87. Purchase Procedure / Establishment Setting Guidelines
  88. Pay protection on counting my past service
  89. Intimation for purchasing of New House
  90. Working hours - rules regarding
  91. revised ratio to defence civilian empoyees
  92. privileges of recognized trade union
  93. type of govt quaters with grade pay
  94. Counting of past service
  95. carder change from one autonomus body to other
  96. Retirement Age
  97. special diet allowance for cancer patients
  98. DGS&D Rate Contract for Computers
  99. Eligibility of taxi for local travel.
  100. Audit recovery procedure
  101. payfixation on renderinring surplus
  102. Bharat Bandh 5 July 2010
  103. Reversion after absorbing charge??
  104. Re-employment doubt
  105. New incometax rule and hra rule
  106. Anomaly in Pay fixation
  107. Notional Seniority
  108. Transport allowance to handicapped employees
  109. TA on tour
  110. VRS after 50 but qualifying service less than 20
  111. Calculation of pf contribution.
  112. Merger and Upgradation of scales.
  113. pension
  114. Notice on resignation
  115. Seniority List of Superintendent of C. Excise
  116. Cea
  117. Official's residence
  118. No smoking
  119. Local Travelling Rate Chennai City
  120. Vrs
  121. Seniority of SSC vs Surplus / Compassionate...!
  122. Online complaint through pg portal
  123. VRS scheam of railways
  124. Compensation for Harrashment.
  125. Working Hours
  126. Investing in share market and mutual fund
  127. Seniority in merged scle
  128. Family Planning Allowance
  129. can dept order for salary payment through bank without concent of employee
  130. Countin Past Service for Pension and Other Benefits
  131. Temporary service without break considered for service benefits
  132. Annual Confidential Report Issues
  133. Consideration of PSU service in Central Govt.
  134. Date of Supperannuation on Holiday
  135. Pre-Revised pay scales
  136. temprary/quasi permanent status/permnent status C.G Employee -defination
  137. Classification of posts
  138. what when you are overrulling Internal financial Advisor ( IFA)
  139. Retirement benefit in case of depuatation
  140. Bonous in case of appointment after technical resignation
  141. Use of Staff Cars for Duty on Holiday
  142. Counting of past service after recruited in PSU
  143. What will be my date of appointment
  144. Transfer TA on New appointment
  145. Regularization of past Ad-hoc service
  146. how to accommodate an incumbant in a non-existing vacancy?
  147. Counting Service of Previous Dept...! Need a Clarification...!
  148. Visit to foreign contries
  149. who is head of the department
  150. Seniority, pay after promotion on Review DPC
  151. Increment connected to passing of exam
  152. Seniority consideration for promotion in a new post
  153. Leave Salary Contribution Calculation
  154. Will i have to quit my job
  155. Unauthorised absence, How to regularise or deal ?
  156. Censure Punishments
  157. Help me finding old order
  158. whether family planning allowance could be claimed retrospectively?
  159. harassement of ladies staff
  160. Notice Period to join new establishment though Applied through proper Channel
  161. Payment of LSPC for lien period
  162. Clarification regarding Licence Fee for Govt.Accommodation
  163. Joining time
  164. Income tax exemption for having availed house building advance
  165. Asst. Professor on casual basis on consolidated pay - Query
  166. Voluntiry retirment
  167. Regarding cadre post
  168. Annual Direct Recruitment Plan
  169. CGEGIS - 1980 Tables of Benefits for from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011
  170. Voluntary Retirement after 20 years of service
  171. Regarding Lien status at Central Govt Office
  172. seniority/equivalence between service and civilian officer
  173. LIEN rules and procedure for Central Government employees.
  174. RR Recruitment Rules - clarification
  175. Criterea of pay fixation
  176. companion free scheme in air india
  177. Selection under reserved category seats
  178. Inter Se seniority in Direct recruitment
  179. Financial Upgradation Under MACP
  180. For counting of past service
  181. Query regarding liveries
  182. determination of senioty list among direct recruits and promotees - reg
  183. Cooling off period between two deputations
  184. Ltc
  185. Pending confidential report is an employee's fault
  186. whether minutes of the meeting can considered as order
  187. seniority list - direct recuits Vs promotee
  188. Railway tatkal charges and travel by private buses on Tour and LTC
  189. Query regarding HTC
  190. Transfer of Service Book
  191. Posting by invitation
  192. lumpsum, incentive, acquiring, higher, qualification
  193. Technical Resignation from Gr C Railways to join Gr A CPWD and its carryover benefits
  194. Through Fare
  195. Personal Pay
  196. Contmplating Disciplinary Action
  197. Non functional upgradation for Scientists
  198. Assistants
  199. Pay protection on deputation
  200. Allotment of govt. quarters during deputation period
  201. Retention in Service under FR 56(j)
  202. Clarification required regarding salary advance
  203. cooling off period
  204. Summer/Winter Liveries for erstwhile Gr-D Posts
  205. Education Allowance
  206. CAT Madras judgement dt. 29/12/2010 on OA No.966 of 2009
  207. Clarification regarding date of appointment
  208. Leave enchashment on technical resignation
  209. applying for a post in lower pay scale
  210. Cadre Review : Clerical Cadre other than CSS
  211. newspaper Allowance
  212. TA on tour
  213. increment for higher qualification obtained
  214. Gratuity
  215. CGEGIS Benefits
  216. How much money a govt servent can save/ has to spend for normal living from salary.
  217. Change of Home Town
  218. engagement of contegency workers reg:
  219. fixatiaon of inter se seniority
  220. What is the benefit of counting- past service
  221. Entitlement of Govt. Quarter as per Grade Pay
  222. Hra clarification
  223. who are dependent to govt servant
  224. Joining time-Closure of Office
  225. Govt.employees and Political parties Dos and Donts.
  226. Acr
  227. Retirement on the last day of june.
  228. Compulsory quarter allotment and deduction of HRA-reg.
  229. Junior domintes Seniors
  230. Eligibility to retain Lien to the Post being Central Government Employee
  231. Terminal Benefits
  232. Seeking Permission from prescribed authority for acquiring immovable property 18(2)
  233. Issue of Briefcase to Inspectors Income-tax / Custom Excise
  234. MACP in upgraded Scale
  235. Service book ...obtaining a certified copy .
  236. Dess code to attend office.
  237. REcovery of License Fee & HRA on sharing the quarter
  238. Different Basic Pay for the same Post in vaious department
  239. what and how much a govt employee can support anti-curruption without violating rules
  240. departmental enquiries
  241. Dies Non
  242. Seeking Permission from prescribed authority for acquiring immovable property
  243. what are the advantage and disadvantage of lien period
  244. want to design a website | i3itpeople software solutions in coimbatore
  245. Repatriation from deputation-postal departmen
  246. Exam Guidance
  247. Daily Order Part I & II
  248. Seniority on compassionate appointment.
  249. Festival advance
  250. what is pensionery benfits for a person joing a PSU from central govt after 15 years