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  1. Co ownerwship of plot with wife --whether acceptance of sowry under conduct rules
  2. Direct Recruitmnt vis-a-vis Departmental Promotion-Reg.
  3. overtime conveyance reimbursement
  4. Promotion procedure : DPC or DR
  5. Pay protection when chaning job from full pay grade to fixed pay in same municipal
  6. Doing private job without resigning from govt.service
  7. Increase of limit of intimation under rule 18 of service conduct rule-latest order
  8. Break in service
  9. What is the rule to be quoted for VR on personal grounds after 30 years of service?
  10. CCS Conduct Rules
  11. Carry Forward of reserved vacancies
  12. Deduction of 10% of Gratuity amount
  13. Special Increment for Outstanding Sports Persons
  14. counting of earned leave.
  15. Age relaxation as central govt. civilian employee.
  16. Family planning allowance
  17. discharge of an employee during probation period
  18. Whether office could insist his employees to keep personal mobile for official purpos
  19. Maintaining of service book regarding
  20. lien
  21. No objection for issuance of PassPort
  22. Bonus
  23. Voluntary retirement not accepted due to administrative problelms
  24. VR acceptance after 3 months notice
  25. Reservation to OBC
  26. Achiving Excellance in National Sports Event: Guidelines as per 6th CPC
  27. Technical resignation
  28. Seeking Permission under Rule 18(2) for withdrawal of money from GPF
  29. Regarding pension on relieving under 26(2) to take new assignment in PSU.
  30. DR-- Calculation
  31. can govt recruit a permanant and time-scaled employee in to fixed (consolidated) pay
  32. Joining NGOs
  33. From cpsu to central service
  34. sanction for acquiring the moveable/non moveable property
  35. Sharing of accomodation
  36. Counting past servie in Government for pension, ACP
  37. Pay protection
  38. Rule position regarding literary works.
  39. Compulsory retirement
  40. Counting of Past Service
  41. Is the recovery justifiable?
  42. Same Level Transfer
  43. Apply in same grade pay
  44. Apply in same grade pay
  45. Agriculture land purchase
  46. Information about appropriate authority
  47. T.o. Cbec
  48. Salary Certificate and Salary Slip
  49. Hindi pragya course
  50. Police verification when joining another dept.
  51. head quarter leaving permission proceeding on holidays
  52. Eligibility for air travel/journey on official Tour/Transfer within India.
  53. Education loan interest.
  54. Lumpsum incentive for aquiring higher education
  55. service matters
  56. Comparision of IDA and CDA
  57. Agriculture land purchase
  58. Occupational Health Hazard
  59. Double TA for govt employee with temporary PH certificate.
  60. very urgent ... service anomalies
  61. Re medical examination
  62. Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) Table 2012
  63. Govt Accomodation evacuation
  64. Eligibility Criterio for applying HBA Application.
  65. Withholding of increments of Inspectors of Central Excise
  66. ACR's
  67. stoppage of increment
  68. Acr
  69. attending the interviews of other departments through proper channel applications
  70. Declaration of parents as dependant.
  71. Service Documents
  72. Leave without pay
  73. Initial Court for Service Matters
  74. Office Table as per Designation
  75. Related to joining new office
  76. Ltc at the time of retirement
  77. Regarding Additional Qualification
  78. Provision regarding grant of Provisional pay- Kind attention Victor Sir...
  79. Pay fixation (or protection) when selected from highter payband to lower payband
  80. Regarding foregin visit of contractual employee
  81. Annual increment
  82. Retention of quarters.
  83. purchasing tube and tyre
  84. suspension
  85. where to settle after retirement? home town or permanent residence?
  86. Children Education Assistance - clarification please
  87. Agriculture Land Purchase
  88. Agriculture Land Purchase
  89. Agriculture Land Purchase
  90. Attendance
  91. UPSC CPF AC Exam 2012
  92. Benefit for secretarial Assistants
  93. Request - Rates of deduction for Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme
  94. TA/DA on retirement
  95. Cadre and Ex-cadre posts
  96. Lien and reversal
  97. Retrospective recasting of Seniority
  98. Voluntary Retirement under Rule 48-A of CCS Pension Rules.
  99. Deductions from salary for excess payments
  100. Procedure for Recruitment
  101. Counting of Contract Service
  102. Sports Quota Recruitment
  103. CGHS Covered Area
  104. Expenditure Management-Austerity Measures
  105. Engaging private car for local movement
  106. Seniority Issue
  107. Pls Clarify me
  108. about house building advance
  109. Re-exercised of option under Rule 6 of the Central Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008
  110. Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) Table 2013
  111. Duties and responsibilites
  112. please clarify
  113. Remuneration for National Team's Service
  114. Need Clarification about Pay
  115. Supportive bills for TA on Tour
  116. ****victor sir... Can government property be insured*****
  117. Question
  118. Question
  119. Interview for single candidate
  120. Relaxation&Concession
  121. TA DA on tour
  122. Extension of Probation period
  123. Children Educational allowance
  124. Service Matter
  125. Reservation
  126. MACPs under technical resignation
  127. Validity period
  128. when to make payment of old CGEIS saving amount i.e after 58 years of age or 60 year
  129. Claiming the remuneration of the higher post
  130. Residential Quarters Allotment
  131. Count of pensionable service
  132. Sanction required for publishing research paper with foreign national
  133. Time limit to join the promoted post
  134. Date of Retirement
  135. Who can hold the post of Cashier ?
  136. Regarding Joining From one Govt Job to Another
  137. relative seniority of direct recruit and promotee
  138. increment
  139. sealed cover procedure
  140. Service matters
  141. permission is required to leave station
  142. Senior Officer holding Junior Level Post
  143. Status regardeing mandatory implementation of DOPT Orders
  144. Investments in shares and mutual Funds
  145. fixation when going FROM HIGHER GRADE PAY TO LOWER GRADE PAY post
  146. Payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees - Revised Rates effecti
  147. Children Education Allowance
  148. reagarding eligibility of red & green light outside of officer's room
  149. Sanction of Personal Computer Advance
  150. Technical Resignation & Transfer of Service
  151. Typing and reversion
  152. Service Book
  153. Office order beyond working hours
  154. Pay Scales of Sr.PA/Private Secretaries in CSSS during 3rd/4th/5th pay commissions
  155. Eligibility for TTA & Joining Time under SR-114 Rule
  156. Cea
  157. seniority on passing LDCE
  158. Refusing to give permission for in service education
  159. Annual property return
  160. Determination of seniority between promotees and LDCE qualifiers
  161. staff flat
  162. Double License Fee recovery for Hostel accomodation
  163. retirement benefit
  164. Transit days for journeys
  165. Additional increments and pay definition
  166. office space and facility group A officer
  167. determination of senioriy between promotees and newly recruited officers of drdo
  168. What maximum amounts of CEA will be reimbursed after 100% DA announcement?
  169. Annual health checkup is compulsory for GROUP A OFFICERS( G.O.)
  170. Lien
  172. non disclosing of previous services
  173. Official Secrets Act - Provisions
  174. Corporate salary package ( state bank of india)
  175. rules
  176. Change of Govt. Accommodation
  177. Increment calculation formula
  178. Post Retirement Marriage
  179. Non essential fake certificate - What rule says?
  180. Maintainenance of Reservation ROsters for Ex Servicemen
  181. govt.servant spouse is doing agriculture(profession)!
  182. Telephone allowance reimbursement for employees promoted from PB2 to PB3
  183. Tour Travel Eligibility Case Study
  184. Succession Certificate
  185. Delayed declaration of assets which bought by parents for govt. servant
  186. Regarding TA Rules
  187. Seniority List Regarding Queries...
  188. Lokpal Asset Return - Some Negetive Aspects
  189. regarding recovery of access salary paid amount by govt org.
  190. Reason for resignation
  191. Reimbursement of Telephone Bill
  192. joining issue
  193. Recording of Discussion
  194. Verification of Character and antecedents after five years
  195. Harassment & Misuse of Power by HOD
  196. Transfer of past service benefits to current department
  197. How to Calculate Gratuity?
  198. Reservation
  199. Personal visit to Bhutan
  200. House Building Advance
  201. Clarification regarding TA Rules
  202. Procedures for registering employees federation / association
  203. Penalty for erring CPWD Officers for delay in undertaking CPWD/MES quarters repairs
  204. Permission to join association
  205. waiting list for selection.
  206. Govt. servant and business
  207. Charge sheet against govt emoloyee
  208. CGDA OMs
  209. Technical Resignation and Bond Transfer
  210. Recruitment of MTS
  211. No. of candidates to be slected for interview.
  212. CCS (RP) Rules 1997
  213. Calculation of Interest on Motor Car Advance
  214. Entitlement for furnitures for Group B Gazetted Officers
  215. Community verification for compassionate appointment
  216. HRA- Faridabad and Delhi can be treated as same station with reference to 5 (C) (iii)
  217. Permission for Higher Studies
  218. seniority
  219. Deduction of 3 times licence fee and revised water charges from withheld amount after
  220. Non Functional Upgradation of Pharmacist
  221. technical resignation
  222. Annual Increment related question
  223. Copy of Govt. letter
  224. apply for higher education
  225. Pursuance of hogher education
  226. CGEGIS claim on retirement
  227. Is it mandataory or voluntary to participate in flag hoisting during 15th Aug?
  228. Casual Leave and annual increment
  229. Consideration of past service towards fixation of seniority in new office
  230. FCS Promotions seniority
  231. Communal roster Clarification
  232. Applying for Lower post from Higher post same organisation/Ministry