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  1. CSR -II Produced By Moily
  2. Strike Notice given by Confederation
  3. Revised Optional TA Rules
  4. Realistic Reforms
  5. Protocol - Flag Hoisting
  6. Reforming and Redrafting the Promotional Policy for Senior Accountants
  7. Performance Appraisal Report- Clarification
  8. APAR grading
  9. APAR Grade of 8.00 Very Good or Outstanding??
  10. APAR- Grading changed but some adverse remarks retained.
  11. Disclosure of APAR
  12. List of Demands of All india Civil Accounts Association.
  13. Petitions, memorials addressed to the President
  14. Reforming the Promotional Policy for Accountants in PAO`s in Central Ministries.
  15. Need for reforms in central govt service in india
  16. Recruitment rules