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  1. Anomaly in pay fixation (Scale S-25 and S-26)
  2. 6PC for autonomous bodies
  4. pay fixation in new grades after 4 yrs
  5. anomolies
  6. Anomalies
  7. Fixation in Upgradation Cases
  8. Modified ACP
  9. Pls give me clarification?
  10. Anomaly in pay protection on reversion on compass. Grounds due to interstate transfer
  11. Disparity between the recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission Report and the Ga
  12. Anomaly in the fixation of pay on promotion after 01.01.2006
  13. Anomaly in the Grade Pay 2800
  14. pay fixation - SO - IA&AD
  15. promotion - null & void - IAAD
  16. 4 years service in 7500 scale to be fixed in d next grade
  17. Great Blunder/Anomaly of 6CPC
  18. Pay fixation for new recruits after 1.1.2006
  19. Pay for new Recruits
  20. modified acp
  21. pay anomolies
  22. Non-functional scale of Rs. 8000-13500 for the PS of Autonomous Organizations
  23. clarify Teachers pay upgradation and pay
  24. clarify: SSA BRC co-ordinator pay
  25. School Librarians Question
  26. Hourly Basis Lecturers Pathetic condition
  27. TGT Stagination
  28. Only section officers and private secretaries are Group B officers?
  29. Removal of anomalies between promotees of pre-2006 and post 2006
  30. Pay parity for CSS/subordinate/autnomous bodies
  31. Story of tortoises
  32. Anomaly Committee
  33. Anomaly in 5500/6500 pay scale
  34. Anomaly in SO/PS scale in autnomous bodies
  35. Post Vs Grade Pays
  36. PB-4 to 12000- scales Grade pay 8000
  37. Grade Pay 4200
  38. Anomalies common to all departments
  39. how to fix his pay?
  40. pay fixation for teachers Granted Senior Garde after 01-01-2006
  41. Anomaly between CSSS and autonomous institutions
  42. Merger of 5000 - 8000 & 5500 - 9000
  43. Anomalies in the merger of 5000.5500 and 6500 with in the departments
  44. entitlement of govt accommodation
  45. Anamolies in 6th pc
  46. Merger of 5000 - 8000 & 5500 - 9000
  47. DNI on promotion
  48. upgradation of scales of teachers-injustice to seniors
  49. The biggest anomoly in 6 cpc
  50. office memo of 25.5.2009
  51. Extend the horizon of Section officers/PS/equivalent to all Group B gazetted officer
  52. will the MOF india solve the anomaly for the stuff joined after 1.1.2006.
  53. information of grade pay
  54. anomalirs in 6th cpc
  55. Will there be any benefit for the promotions after 01/01/2006 in the merged scales ?
  56. Tgt selection scale
  57. Annual Increment as per 6th CPC
  58. MOF OM dated. 23/6/2009
  59. New pay scale to replace S30
  60. 5000 scale(prerevised) upgraded to 6500scale(prerevised)
  61. Agenda before anomoly committee
  62. Please suggest an action, please, please. hurry
  63. deputation allowance
  64. Why this type of anamoly ?
  65. stepping up of pay of pre 1/1/06 promotion
  66. Invitation to Group B Gazetted officers with grade pay 4200 to fight for upgradation
  67. fixation of pay on deputation
  68. Anomoly between direct recruit and seniors
  69. difference in pay between direct recruits and promotees-orders request frm Jitender
  70. Seek Legal redressal for all group B officers to get justice
  71. Stepping up representation i.r.o Navodaya teachers who joined before 2006.
  72. Anomaly in the pay scale granted to the Library & Information Assistants
  73. Uniform date of increment as 1 july by spc
  74. Uniform date of increment as 1 july by spc
  75. Linkage of full pension to 33 years of qualifying service for pre-2006 pensioners.
  76. anomaly of the staff joiner after 1.1.2006.
  77. Anomaly on new pay protection of GRADE PAY
  78. Status of municipal corporation of delhi. (mcd) and its employees.
  79. Merging of CSS/CSSS
  80. Promotion as Inspector of Income Tax ?
  81. Congratulations grade pay of 4600 granted to all 6500-10500 scale personnel
  82. why no benefit for 5500 - 9000 grade ?
  83. When PROMOTED in the Merged Grades, Will it be Called PROMOTION ?
  84. Fixation of Pensions - majors pre 2006
  85. Promotions earned in the past are ignored ?
  86. Does FR-22 Hold good ?
  87. anamoly in stagnation increment cases
  88. Merging scales on Functionality Basis ?
  89. Consequences of uniform date of increment
  90. Senority
  91. Pay anomaly due to Promotion before & aftr 1/1/06
  92. minutes of anomaly committee meeting
  93. Min Pension Pre-2006
  94. Anomaly in fixation of Pay of promotees and direct recruits
  95. Pay Fixation Anomalies Due to Promotion 6500-200-10500
  96. Anamoly
  97. DOS of Central Excise - 4600 Gpay representation
  98. irrational MACPS
  99. NFG of 5400 GP to ACP Inspectors in GP 4800
  100. Stepping up of pay
  101. Removing anomaly
  102. Stepping up within DR quota on the basis of Seniority and Date of Joining
  103. Anomaly in Retirement Age
  104. Anomaly in Basic pay fixation in PB2
  105. Non-Protection of Grade pay for request transfer to lower grade pay post
  106. Variable increment
  107. Non Granting of PB-2 with GP of Rs 4200
  108. Cadre Discrepancies
  109. Anomaly in pay fixation - IIIrd Financial Upgradation MACP
  110. Anomaly due to revision of earlier pay fixation of junior
  111. pay on par with direct recruits
  112. Macps
  113. bonus anomalies
  114. Pay band and pay in the pay band
  115. Anomaly in pension fixation-future repurcations for serving employees
  116. Blow to the Supervisory Cadre (Group B gazetted)
  117. Non-grant of 3rd Up-gradation under MACP Scheme
  118. Minimum Pension before/after 1.1.2006
  119. additional pension
  120. Scientist's additional increment
  121. What is the National Anomaly Committee doing for the last 24 months?
  122. Purpose of Introduction of Running pay band
  123. Grade pay Rs 4600/-for all three 5000,5500,6500 merged scales
  124. Illogical - On ACP/MACP 3% Increment + Next Grade Pay but on promotion nothing
  125. Query regarding Diploma Engineer
  126. Anamoly of 4800
  127. date of increment
  128. Stepping up of Pay of senior Asst Engineer as per the Pay of promotee AE( junior)
  129. Anomaly in 6th CPC S21-23. and S24.
  130. .......still we cannot speak.....
  131. Dear leaders, Pl. make rational demands (for those in 5000 & 5500 basic)
  132. National Anomaly Committee (NAC) - status
  133. List of demands all india civil accounts employees association
  134. Anomaly committee
  135. National Anomaly Committee - Funtions
  136. Hi this is Subodh, my query is regarding anomaly in MACP for LDC, UDC & equivalents.
  137. Why NOT 12K to PB4?
  138. Grade pay of Welfare Inspectors
  139. Senior Direct Recruit getting less Basic than departmental Junior.
  140. Junior staff nurse drawing more salary
  141. Injustice to 6,500-200-10,500 (old scale) employees
  142. Anomaly case due to Promotion before& after 1st Jan 2006
  143. Grade Pay Anomaly
  144. anomaly in fixation of pay who joined on or after 1.1.2006 (5500-175-9000)
  145. Anomoly in Promotion of old 5000 scale
  146. What needs to be done with regard to One time Increment & MACP
  147. govt. accomodation
  148. Non functioning of cpwd in govt. Accommodation
  149. Reforming the Promotional Policy for Accountants in PAO`s in Central Ministries.
  150. Pay fixation in merged grades pre/post 1.1.2006
  151. Increment
  152. Anomaly in Pay Fixation due to MACPS
  153. Increment on 1.1.06 - creating anomaly
  154. V r s
  155. Senior getting low payment
  156. Senior getting low payment
  157. respected senior members my query is regarding anomaly of LDC and UDC in MACP
  158. Stepping up of pay of senior on par with junior
  159. DNI in revised pay structure after stepping up the pay w.r.t junior
  160. Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- to Asstt.Accts. Officers who joined as LDCs.
  161. Get promoted have less Grade pay? OFSTS Managers of OFs shocked,frustrated/shattered
  162. Get promoted have less Grade pay? OFB STS promo offers shocked,frustrated/shattered.
  163. stepping of pay equal to junior of senior as per appointment panel
  164. stepping up pay in CGA organisation
  165. Army Officers Most Discriminated lot
  166. Great news for group A promo officers. MACP granted.
  167. Discrimination against those having the Ist of a month as their date of birth
  168. anomalies due to increment
  169. NAC meeting report
  170. Need for reforms in central govt service in india
  171. What is promotion ?
  172. Loss of One Increment due to Step-up of Pay at Par with Junior
  173. Stepping up to remove anomaly owing to grant of one increment from 1.1.2006
  174. promotion
  175. What is the status of granting 5400 Grade pay to AAOs of Organised Accts after 4 yrs
  176. Anomalies on fixation of pay on promotion
  177. one rank one pension
  178. MACP GP 6600 to STS in OFB???
  179. stepping up to remove pay anomaly
  180. applicability of Court judgement on treatment of special pay for pensionary benifit
  181. Stepping up of pay promottee AAOs pay at par with directly recrruited SAS apprentices
  182. seniority of a central government Group A Tech officer-Lateral entry to a new office
  183. stepping up of pay of senior after the junior granting an increment
  184. Contributions under CGEGIS
  185. Who have authority to remove pay anomoly
  186. Will the decision in National Anomaly Committee dated 17/7/2012 be honoured?
  187. Fixation of promotion scale and new recruit scale is not same
  188. Government rejects NAC meeting dt 17/7/2012 recommendation - what next?
  189. Is stepping up of pay of a promotee permissible with reference to a Direct Recruit?
  190. Stepping up to remove anomaly owing to grant of one increment from 1.1.2006
  191. higher education implimentation
  192. Pay Fixation
  193. How will my pay fixation in Initial Appointment after Technical Resignation
  194. Functional consideration
  195. merger problem
  196. Stepping Up
  197. 6 CPC Anomaly - Existing till date