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  1. Daily allowance on tour
  2. Ty. Duty Allowances
  3. family incentive
  4. New rates of 'Daily Allowance' ?
  5. Govt. Quarter
  6. LTC Entitlement
  7. Additional HRA for NE region
  8. HRA for couples in same organisation but not colocated.
  9. What is diem in TA/DA rules ?
  10. Per Diem
  11. Transport Allowance - Eligible criteria
  12. Deputation allowance
  13. Pay & Allowances during child care leave
  14. Child care leave-clarification
  15. Transport Allowance
  16. Composite Transfer Grant ...
  17. Hba
  18. Expected d.a for central govt.employees
  19. License Fee
  20. Children Educational Allowance
  21. DA announced
  22. Local Journey while on tour - TA Allowance
  23. Ration allowances in defence forces
  24. children education allowance
  25. C.e.a.
  26. C e a - for kendriya vidyalaya
  27. Da during tours
  28. DA Order issued
  29. DA orders issued
  30. orders on DA by Railways issued.
  31. Question reg HBA
  32. govt hba vs loan from outside
  33. Vidyalaya Vikhas Nidhi charged by Kendriya Vidyalaya - Whether reimbursable ?
  34. Uniform allowance for Customs & Central Excise officers
  35. Ta/da of an employee is to be decided with reference to the grade pay
  36. TA on Transfer
  37. Da wef 01 july 09
  38. Children Education Allowance
  39. pay of Gr. D employee of Temporary status
  40. Amendment in air travel rules
  41. Variable Increment to high performers in PB-3
  42. childern education allowance
  43. TA for temporary staff
  44. travel by Air India
  45. increase in travel cost by AI
  46. Family Planning Allowance - certain peculiar circumstance
  47. Minimum 5% DA Due w.i.f Jan 2010
  48. TA and income tax & Relief under section 89 for arrears
  49. Cabinet approoved additional 5% DA w.e.f 01.07.09
  50. Childrens Educational Allowance
  51. Revised DA w.e.f. 01.07.2009 Orders issued
  52. Payment of transport allowance on temporary transfer
  53. education allowances
  54. Expected DA w.e.f. 01.01.2010 would be more than 34%
  55. query regarding Dearness Pay ....
  56. What is the maximum under cea scheme
  57. Expected DA 35% as on 01.01.2010
  58. Can HRA be denyed?
  59. Vidyalaya vikas nidhi reimbursable
  60. Double HRA to employees posted in NE
  61. Credit Card charges on train tickets are admissible under TA?
  62. Is fma(free medical allwance) is not taxable?
  63. Ltc to north east
  64. eligibility of hra in couple case
  65. reimbursement of tution fees
  66. children education allowance
  67. HRA clarification
  68. Uniform and washing allowance for group d
  69. washing allowance to group D
  70. Regarding HRA admissibility
  71. TA on tour
  72. HRA Rule
  73. TA on local tour
  74. DA rate will be more than 45% from 01.07.2010
  75. License Fees for quarters.
  76. MOS Staement about DA
  77. Bonus
  78. Cabinet approoved additional 8% DA
  79. Release of additional instalment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employee
  80. Special pay for Family planning
  81. da order issued
  82. Mataernity Leave - Increment
  83. Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
  84. hra rules in couple case
  85. family planning allowance
  86. Consumer Price Index and expected DA
  87. Time Required for First Salary !
  88. incentives to green card holders
  89. AI-Fin Effect?
  90. DA Allowances
  91. HBA for plot and construction
  92. Whether CEA is applicable to PU college that coaches for IIT
  93. DA from 01.07.2010
  94. DA from 01.07.2010
  95. Travel within the City... Need A Clarification...!!!
  96. DA from 01.07.2010
  97. Shift Rate OTA...!
  98. da while in foreign countries
  99. transfer t.a.
  100. Half Pay/DA
  101. Taxi fare from Residence to Airport on Transfer is reimbursable or not?
  102. Taxi fare from Residence to Airport on Transfer is reimbursable or not?
  103. DA on local tour in Chennai for journey beyond 8 kms. but within city limit
  104. Consumer Price Index for Oct is 181 and for Sept 179, Any idea about D.A from Jan2010
  105. Taxi Mileage per kilometer
  106. CA, RHA & SDA for BSF in Manipur
  107. Dependent parent
  108. Deputation Allowance
  109. can any body tell something about my problem _______deputation allowance
  110. Cea
  111. Cpi
  112. Child Care Leave
  113. Hostel Subsidy
  114. Daily Allowance regulation on local tour
  115. PF administration rates
  116. Grant of incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification
  117. bad climate allowance- for income tax purpose
  118. HRA admissibility
  119. children education assistance
  120. interest on tour advance when not chageable
  121. Increment for passing PRAGYA hindi course
  122. D A Crosses 50% Mark... what if
  123. Travel Allowance and DA for Foreign Trip
  124. Enhanced allowances
  125. Enhanced allowances
  126. Transport Allowance
  127. counting of past service
  128. 25% increase in allowances when da 50%
  129. DA from 01.07.2011
  130. ta on tour
  131. leave incashment
  132. LTC to NER
  133. Travel by private airlines for TOUR
  134. CEA for third child while second child is differently abled
  135. newspaper
  136. promotional benefits
  137. Expected DA 7% from July 2011
  138. Hra
  139. Term Fee is reimbuable or not
  140. Fixed medical Allowance
  141. payment of hotel bills on tour for promotional interview at UPSC
  142. Anual Increment
  143. Fpp for family planning
  144. Children Education Allowance Scheme (CEAS)
  145. Automatically increase by 25% whenever DA goes up by 50% NEEDS FURTHER ORDER ?
  146. What is the rate of Festival Advance now?
  147. How to Calculate Bonus?
  148. HRA to couple posted in one office
  149. Child Education Allowance in case the fees is paid in two installments.
  150. Cash Handling Allowance to Group D Staff...!
  151. Risk allowance. Is there any new shemes???
  152. Education Allowance to college going child
  153. Festival Advance
  154. bonus
  155. children education allowance
  156. what are the benefits we get as a government officer.
  157. Can we get the differences of leave encashment on account of financial upgradation ?
  158. Double of TA to PH employees
  159. House Rent Allowance rule
  160. House Rent Allowance rule
  161. TA Allowance - meaning of Pay in the Pay Band...
  162. Encashment of el and hpl
  163. Fixed Medical Allowance
  164. travel by air
  165. travel by air
  166. Briefcase allowance
  167. Children Education Allowance
  168. TA at Double the normal rate to PH (Deaf) Employees
  169. Cea
  170. Revised rates of fpa
  171. Clarification from DOPT
  172. Increase in Daily Allowance on tour (old rates)
  173. Travelling allowance on tour-extension of tour
  174. Lumpsum incentive for aquiring higher education
  175. Children education reimbursement
  176. Who can order reopening of settled claims of CEA,Medical TA etc.
  177. Reg ta after availing e/l on tour
  178. Transit time allowed on air travel
  179. Lumpsum incentive for aquiring higher education
  180. Pca/risk allowance
  181. Details Reg. PRIS
  182. one additional increment
  183. Posting to North Eastern Regions
  184. HRA payment on EOL more than 180 or 240 days
  185. Hostel subsidy
  186. Children Education Allowance
  187. Eligibility of Liveries/Uniforms to erstwhile Group D employees now Group C
  188. Personal Journey on Official Tour during holidays
  189. Children Education Allowance
  190. Tour-local journey auto bill required??
  191. Official visit to attend spiritual conference
  192. Children Education Allowance
  193. Children Education Allowance
  194. Latest Over Time Allowance(OTA) Eligibility GradePay and Rate per Extra Hour
  195. Cash Handling Allowance for Cashier
  196. Food bill reimbursement while on tour
  197. Food bill reimbursement while on tour
  198. Time limit on Children education Allowance Claim submission.
  199. Doubts on Daily Allowance
  200. DA on tour at old rates
  201. Children Education Allownace
  202. DA at old rate - How to calculate for this tour
  203. DA rate hike in West Bengal
  204. Get 25% more than what is admissible while on tour
  205. EL following tour - payment of TA
  206. Ship DA allowances while deputaion abroad
  207. Hindi Examination Allowance
  208. Risk Allowance
  209. DA Order for Janaury 2013
  210. Meaning of one set of notebooks in CEA.
  211. Cea for nursury
  212. Whether Term Fees levied by school is reimbursable under CEA?
  213. Misinterpretation of TA rules
  214. Sweater under CEA
  215. Daily allowance (old rates) for halt
  216. Foreign allowance
  217. transport allownce
  218. Delayed claim for family planning allowance
  219. Children Education Allowance
  220. Official tour on longer route
  221. Regulation of journey on tour by air - Reimbursement at Rajdhani train rates reg.
  222. Reg. ad-hoc bonusfor the year 2012-13.
  223. Case of HRA
  224. Travel by pvt bus during official tours
  225. Reopening of settled T.A/LTC claims.
  226. Clarification Regarding DA(Old Rate)
  227. CEA after DA is raised to 100% need for clarification
  228. Revision of allowances on merger of d a
  229. TA on tour
  230. timeline for transfer TA
  231. clarification regarding Joining time pay and Transfer allowance
  232. PAN No. of Landlord to get HRA exemption
  233. Admissibility of Transport and House Rent allowance on Attachment
  234. TA :- Local Travel
  235. Admissibility of Casual Overtime
  236. Travelling Allowance Up to 6 Hours & 6 Hours to 12 Hours
  237. Whether CEA + Income Tax benefits (80C) can be claimed for expenditure on school fees
  238. TA to attend Interview for promotion
  239. TA: When the GOVT servant stays in GOVT/ Public Sector Guest House
  240. claiming conveyance allowance for a vehicle registered on the name of spouse
  241. Island Special Duty Allowance
  242. Old Da shall also be increased by 25% whenever Da crosses 50%
  243. Transport Allowance for local journey
  244. Receipts for claiming CEA
  245. Convenience fee charged by airlines
  246. We Live for our Children ????????????????
  247. TA claims with out tickets
  248. TA to Airport for non entitled employees on duty/training
  249. Tough Loc ation
  250. HRA on deputation