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  1. Pay fixation in c/w MACP upgradation and IPO Promotion
  2. Pay fixation on joining new department applied through proper channel ( released )
  3. adv increment to stenographers
  4. date of next increment for those, who got their ACP between 01.01.2006 to 30.06.2006
  5. Anomalies in fixation, granting increment as well as promotional benefit.
  6. adv increment to stenographers
  7. Increment
  8. Pay Fixation
  9. Pay fixation
  10. One Time Increment in case promotion in april 2006
  11. what is my basic pay
  12. Regarding Special Increment On Family Planning
  13. Pay Fixation on Increment date
  14. Increment on MACP and promotion thereafter
  15. Pay fixation on return from deputation
  16. pay fixation
  17. Increment
  18. anomalies due to increment
  19. Grant on increment in Asstt Grade (PB-2 9300-34800/ Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-)
  20. promotion after MACP on adhoc basis
  21. pay protection from BSNL (PSU) to central Govt. Indian railways
  22. Treatment of casual leave as duty in case of retrospective promotion.
  23. Date of Increment and date of NFG falls on the same date 01.07.20012
  24. one time increment
  25. Stepping up of Pay
  26. Minimum entry pay of promotee Sr. S.O(Rly)
  27. Pay Fixation after Technical Resignation
  28. Pay Fixation after Technical Resignation
  29. Pay Protection
  30. Pay Protection for In-service employees (already in service)
  31. pay fixation and pension
  32. Discrepancy regarding fixation
  33. In continuance of a query posted on 12th August, 2012.
  34. pay fixation
  35. pay fixation
  36. Upgradation of Grade pay to Assistant Engineers
  37. Pl. Guide on Pay fixation
  38. National Anomaly Committee - Action Taken ?????
  39. Fifth CPC-fixation of pay -doubt
  40. Need help on Pay fixation on 2nd and 3rd MACP on same date
  41. Pay fixation for re-employed pensioner
  42. Pay fixation upon grant of Non-Functional scale after 01.1.06
  43. Pay fixation upon grant of Non-Functional scale after 01.1.06
  44. Effect on DA on Family Pension after Compassionate Appointment
  45. time limit of fixation of pay
  46. Up gradation of Grade pay to Assistant Engineer
  47. Pay Refixation w.r.t. 2nd ACP due to enhancement of pay scale by MCD
  48. Can Option be revised when Pay is fixed within 1 month stating Option as NIL by Deptt
  49. Iii macp
  50. Iii macp
  51. bunching benefits.
  52. Pay fixation under new appointment by UPSC from PB 2 to PB 3
  53. Pay fixations on promotion in merged grades
  54. Pay and allowence
  55. Pay fixation
  56. UGC Asst. Professor Pay
  57. Excercising Re-Option for Inc between Feb-June.
  58. Fixation of pay on promotion to same Grade Pay
  59. Please reply for this as soon as possible
  60. what is the status of entry grade pay 18150 to promotees
  61. Pay fixation
  62. pay fixation after permotion in same grade pay
  63. If the pay +DA already being drawn are protected?
  64. pay fixation
  65. pay fixation as per OM dt 3 Jan 2013
  66. Fixation for Deputation post
  67. Pensionary benefits on technical resignation
  68. Clarification on om dtd 19/03/2012 when promoted before increment is due
  69. One Time Increment - When merger of posts takes place in between
  70. One time increment benefit
  71. Regarding ACP
  72. Re: HRA receipt not considered by the employer
  73. Sub: Request for clarification on PAY PROTECTION reg,
  75. one time increment
  76. pension and salary on re-employment
  77. Pay fixation for ACP/MACP for grade pay 4600 to 4800
  78. Recovery due to erroneous fixation of pay
  79. Anamoly in pay fixation
  80. Equivalent Pay scales
  81. Macp- on technical resignation
  82. Regular promotion in continuation to ad-hoc promotion
  83. Delayed pay every month for all the employees!
  84. Pay on ex-cadre post
  85. Pay Fixation in higher grade pay after technical resignation
  86. pay fixation
  87. Grant of NFSG to Gr. B Officer.
  88. Pay fixation when a post is converted to another
  89. Promotion in the same Pay Band and Grade Pay: Railway Board Clarification
  90. Notional Increment after Senior Scale
  91. Feeder Cadre (Rs.4200 Gpay) & Promotion Cadre (Rs.4200 Gpay + 3% Increment) merger
  92. Pay protection upon technical resignation from Group "A" to IAS/IPS
  93. Pay fixation on promotion from 5200-20200 in GP 1900 to 9300-34800 with GP 4300
  94. Pay protecion: Higher to Lower grade pay
  95. increment on promotion
  96. rouding up of increment
  97. Stepping Up
  98. Eligibility for 2nd ACP instead of 2nd MACP
  99. stepping up of pay
  100. pay fixation on depromotion to next lower grade
  101. Incremental loss
  102. Reversion to Lower post on Request
  103. Fixation of pay in the ex-cadre post
  104. Pay fixation in the ex-cadre post when an employee is permanently absorbed.
  105. Pay fixation on two years early assesment promotion
  106. pay fixation issue after promotion to higher grade pay
  107. pay fixation in same grade pay on UPSC selection
  108. Transfer to Lower post on own request
  109. Pay fixation on adhoc promotion.
  110. Macp
  111. Grnt of macp
  112. Regular Increment in case of Different Grade Pay
  113. pay fixation anomaly
  114. Fixation of Pay on Deputation Basis
  115. How will my pay fixation in Initial Appointment after Technical Resignation
  116. Lowering the Pay without any formal order
  117. OM -Granting of fixation benefit in cases of promotion in the same grade pay-Steno/OS
  118. Restoration of pay fixation benefit on promotion from the post of SO(A) to AAO.
  119. kindly help i am in need plz i shall be higly thankfull .
  120. Pay fixation after promotion from Grade Pay 7600 (PB-3) to Grade Pay 8900 (PB-4)
  121. Fixation of Pay of upgraded scales as result of 6th CPC recommendation
  122. Macps
  123. Fixation of Pay in the ex-cadre post on permanent absorption while on deputation
  124. Fixation in MACP and subsequent Promotion.
  125. Pay Fixation
  126. Pay fixation when promoted to post with identical grade pay
  127. Pay fixation for posting to higher post on looking after basis
  128. pay fixation on appointment to higher post through UPSC assumed after technical resig
  129. Pay fixation on technical resignation and DA in pension
  130. Demand of an increment - is it justified?
  131. Promotional benefits in same pay scale
  132. Surplus staff pay regualrisation
  133. pay on demotion
  134. "regarding change in advance increment based on promotion from 5400 to 6600 grad.
  135. Stepping up of pay due to advance increment
  136. Pay fixation after regularization of macp due to promotion
  137. Increment after long leave
  138. Pay Fixation Stenographer Grade-I
  139. pay fixation after acp on 1-1-2016
  140. Date of pay fixation
  141. Fixation of pay newly promoted Office Supdt wef 09 May 2016 under 7th CPC
  142. After MACP, what is position of increment on getting second promotion
  143. pay fixation
  144. Fixation of Pay on promotion after 01.01.2016
  145. Pay fixation on promotion in May 2016
  146. Pay Fixation on promotion on 1-4-2016
  147. Option for pay fixation in 7th cpc from MACP due in 2017
  148. Option for fixation of pay promotee between 01 Jan 2016 and date of notification
  149. Bunching benefit in 4800 grade pay
  150. Fixation of pay on promotion to the grade of udc in level 4
  151. 7 th cpc pay fixation - reg
  152. INCREMENT ON RE-PROMOTION (after reversion)
  153. Pay fixation on nfsg and subsequent promotion of steno d of csss
  154. Pay fixation on grant of 3rd MACP
  155. pay fixation of direct recruits to new post applied through proper channel
  156. option for MACP
  157. Increment