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  1. Last Pay protection on repromotion
  2. Pay & arrears calculator
  3. pay fixation anamoly
  4. pay fixation anamoly
  5. pay fixation anamoly
  6. Pay during Joining time
  7. Pay fixation if stagnation increment falling on 1.1.2006
  8. pay fixation on upgradation
  9. Pay fixation during promotion for senior CSS officers
  10. Grade Pay for Inpsectors
  11. Pay fixation for employees appointed by Central Surplus Cell
  12. OM dated 13-nov-2009 (granting grade pay of 4600 to pre revised 6500 pay scale)
  13. Fixation after restoration
  14. Grade pay of Rs.5400
  15. Protrction of P.S.U pay in Central Govt on Joining after 01.01.2006
  16. Fresh order from MOF, Implementation
  17. Issue of a Stagnation Increment case
  18. Advance Increment for passing Dept. Exam
  19. increment date
  20. websites
  21. grade pay of Rs.1900
  22. Promotion after 01.01.06
  23. Fixation of pay on grant of two MACP on 01-9-2008.
  24. Fixation of pay for steno 'c' & assistants of subordinate offices
  25. adhoc promotion option
  26. arr ltc encashment
  27. Revised grade pay RS4600
  28. anomalies in fixation of pay after implementation of 6 CPC
  29. anomalies in fixation of pay after implementation of 6 CPC
  30. Next increment????????
  31. Pay fixation
  32. Pay fixation on promotion when junior has surpassed senior
  33. Pay fixation for retired defence force personnel
  34. Pay fixation on acp
  35. Master software required ???
  36. Increment in July 2010 or July 2011?
  37. Refixation of gp 4600 for DAE
  38. DAE Re-Fixation of GP 4600
  39. Fixation in merged scale on promotion/upgradation before 1.1.2006
  40. Consolidated Pay for 5200-20200 Scale
  41. Pay fixation after regular promotion
  42. Change of grade pay from Rs.4800 to Rs.5400 on non functional upgradation
  43. Pay fixation after promotion in the old scale
  44. Acp/macp
  45. Revised option for mergerscale
  46. promotion as Hawaldar
  47. Pay fixation on promotion to SAME GRADE after passing Section officer Grade Exams
  48. Pay Fixation & ACP (Old)
  49. Fixation of Pay & Grade Pay
  50. Stepping up within DR quota on the basis of Seniority and Date of Joining
  51. Increment rounded off
  52. SEPARATE fitment table for upgradation scales
  53. Organised accts cadre GP 4600
  54. COL.7 in Illustartion-4A is differ with Rule 7A(ii) of 6CPC
  55. New pay structure under six pay commission
  56. Person goes on VR on 1.9.2008 - MACP eligible or not
  57. Pay fixation due to upgradation
  58. Non-funtional grade and MACP thereafter
  59. Pay Fixation in G.P.4600/-
  60. Pay anomly
  61. Pay Anomaly !
  62. Pay Anomaly - Clarification
  63. Whether the upgraded pay scales in 6th cpc can be given fitment in upgraded scale
  64. Inrement
  65. GP 5400 to Jr.Hindi Translator
  66. Pay fixation as per 6th Pay Commission
  67. Increment betwn Feb'2006 - Jun'2006
  68. Pay fixation !
  69. benifit of payfixation on promotion as AO
  70. Clarification reg pay fixation
  71. Advance increment to Stenos & Fixation of Pay
  72. Selection of option Pay Fixation after 6CPC
  73. pay on deputation
  74. Pay fixation on promotion
  75. Whether LTC bill settled to employee can be re-opened when the same is wrong?
  76. 4th CPC
  77. rules on posts deemed abolished
  78. Ist ACP in 6500-10500
  79. increment
  80. Fixation of pay of Assistants in CSS
  81. pay fixation on promotion and revision of pay structure
  82. Stepping Up with Junior of Same Grade Direct Exam
  83. Pay of New Recruits higher than those who are in the same grade on 01.01.06
  84. MACP in the hierarchy of pre-revised scale of the cadre
  85. Grade pay
  86. Fixation of Pay Under FR-22(1)(A)(1) and proviso (1) of FR-22(1) ...
  87. Grade Pay Fixation
  88. Transport allowance
  89. Fixation after repatriation to parent cadre
  90. Pay fixation after repatriation
  91. Pay Fixation on implementation of 6 CPC - clarification -Reg
  92. Kindly Help regarding MACP benifits to me...
  93. grade pay of 4600 to pre-revised scale of 5000,5500
  94. Gross irregularities by in pay fixation
  95. Pay fixation
  96. Appointed through UPSC
  97. How to calculate Grade Pay equivalent to Pre-revised Scale
  98. Potection of Pay on appointment to Autonomous Org/PSU
  99. high court verdict 5400 grade pay after 4 years in 7500 old scale or 4800 gr. pay
  100. Revised pay structure to pharmacist post as per fast track commitee
  101. Regarding Increment due before 6 PC Applied
  102. Gp 5400
  103. Whether any Time bar is there for Fixation of Pay
  104. Request for reqularising Pay Anomaly
  105. Promotion in the same Grade Pay and Fixation
  106. Fixation of pay
  107. Revision of option in terms OM dated 25.2.2003
  108. IP officiating entitlement
  109. Kendriya vidyalaya teachers acp/ senior scale benefit anomaly
  110. NFSG placement
  111. benefit of past service under state government.
  112. Pay fixation and 2nd ACP
  113. Pay revision after demise
  114. Stepping up of Pay
  115. What are ACP Benifits for me? Senior Members Reply Pls..
  116. Pay fixation under 6cpc
  117. Acp/ macp
  118. Pay fixation for the scale of 6500-10500
  119. one time increment ... ?
  120. Option for incrment date on appointment
  121. Pay Fixation
  122. Anomaly in the pay scale granted to the Library & Information Assistants
  123. stepping up of pay
  124. Pay fixation for Senior Scientific Officer
  125. Pay Arrears
  126. Revision of Pay Band during study Leave
  127. pay fixation in universities
  128. Pay fixation
  129. Pay Fixation-reg.
  130. Reg. Pay Fixation
  131. family planning incentive
  132. joined as L.D.C. on 10/09/1987 on regular basis
  133. I am jr. hindi translator.
  134. Revertion of scale
  135. pay fixation for section engineer by direct entry
  136. Pay fixation of merged gardes
  137. about stepping up of pay
  138. Denial of benefits recommended by PAY COMMISSION
  139. Pay anomaly of Sub-ordinate Engineering Staff
  140. How pay fixation will be done if employee opts for deputation from state to central?
  141. Qualifying service counts for JULY-/2006 Increment.
  142. pay fixation on promotion after 1.1.2006
  143. ON 2nd ACP whether eligible for fix Revised pay Rs.7450*1.86+4600
  144. Animalies in DOPT OM
  145. pay fixation on permanent absorption from one department to another
  146. ACP Benifit...
  147. pay fixation on new appointment
  148. promotion in the same grade pay
  149. Increment
  150. New CCS Rules on pay fixation
  151. Date of increment after stepping up of pay of senior
  152. anomaly in pay fixation
  153. Pay protection of the service rendered in indian railways.
  154. Pay fixation
  155. Study Leave on EOL for ACP/ MACP - Senior member Please reply
  156. Benefit of pay fixation 7450*1.86 of stenographers
  157. applicability of FR22 under FR 35
  158. July Increment
  159. Pay fixation
  160. Pay fixation
  161. Req. for Information reg. increment
  162. Acr
  163. Stepping of pay of promotee senior with direct recruit after 1.1.2006
  164. Fix.benefit under ACP scheme wef 1.1.2006
  165. Pay and allowances on deputation/foreign service
  166. request fair deal for 8000-13500 scale
  167. Pay fixation
  168. Fixation after repatriation to parent cadre
  169. Pay Fization for New recruits after 1.1.2006 in PB-2
  170. Voluntary retirement vis-a-vis Resignation after 20 years Qualifying service
  171. Pay fixation - regular promotion in continuation of adhoc promotion.
  172. Upgradation on having completed four years service in the grade pay of rs 4800
  173. i am surprised
  174. Pay fixation, Increment, Pay Protection
  175. Is my pay fixed properly
  176. Anomaly
  177. Conversion of Home Town LTC for J.K.
  178. improper fixation
  179. Pay Fixation on promotion
  180. Personal Pay & Basic Pay
  181. Fixation in acp case
  182. non-functional scale
  183. DOubt about the pay fixed!
  184. Clarification
  185. Grade Pay
  186. pay fixation
  187. pay fixation
  188. pay fixation
  189. rules for fixation of pay in equivalent post
  190. Less pay for promotee than a direct appointee on fixation- anomaly
  191. Special Increment for Outstanding Sports Persons
  192. Pre-revised pay scale of 8000-13500 in groupA
  193. grievence redressal
  194. Pay fixation on Job changing
  195. Fixation of initial pay under CCS(RP)Rules 2008 -- doubts
  196. He should Continue to draw the same pay in the PB but with the GP of the lower Post
  197. CAT Judgement
  198. Pay fixation
  199. posting to PBIII
  200. Doubts-pay fixation
  201. Incriment
  202. Due drawn statement.
  203. upgrading of scales by 6th cpc and fixation theretoo
  204. Pay Fixation
  205. financial benefit
  206. Rule 6 and 7 of revised pay rules
  207. Increment for Employees received increment between Feb to June
  208. Increment for Employees received increment between Jan to June
  209. Option on Date of Promotion
  210. Grant of increment at the time of 2nd promotion
  211. financial benefit
  212. Reg.Pay fixation.
  213. Up gradation in grad pay after 4 years of regular service in Grade pay of 4800/-
  214. pay fixation
  215. increment when grade pay change
  216. Grant of annual increment
  217. Merger of scales on implementation of MACP
  218. pay fixation on ad-promotion
  219. two advance increment after passing ITO departmental exam in income tax department
  220. Increment on .......
  221. Next Grade Pay in MACP Scheme.
  222. regulation of pay on appt to higher post in higher pay band
  223. Increment for Employees received increment between Jan to June
  224. Macp
  225. Request for sample fixation order whose increment month was between Feb-June in 2005
  226. MHRD notfication required
  227. Pay fixation on promotion
  228. Eligiblity of increment as on 1-1-2006 for those at maximum of scale in 2005
  229. Grant of additional inc bet feb to june 2006 in 6th cpc
  230. Fixation of pay on grant of addl increment (Feb 06 to Jun 06)
  231. Pay fixation
  232. pay fixation
  233. When scales are merged before 1.1.2006, but a person has incrment in Apr-2006 - Reg.
  234. pay fixation
  235. Pay fixation - Stagnation increment
  236. Advance increments granted to Stenographer Grade-D qualify for treatment of Pay
  237. pay fixation
  238. Pay fixation in macp case
  239. pay fixation
  240. pay fixation
  241. pay fixation
  242. Pay Fixation
  243. Are Adhoc promotees are eligible for pay fixation in the promotion post
  244. fixation of staff absorbed in higher pay scale
  245. Fixation of pay when moving from higher grade pay to lower grade pay
  246. Pay Fixation
  247. Anomaly in 6cpc.
  248. One time increment
  249. Promotion, step-up to equal with Junior then what will be next increment
  250. Increment between Feb to June 2006