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  1. Calculation of Gratuity
  2. Pension anamoly
  3. Family Pension
  4. seshan
  5. Grade pay for past pensioners
  6. pension anamolies
  7. Option Dateof increment
  8. pre 1996 Pensioners _ parity
  9. Minmum In The Pay Band Or Minimum Of The Pay Band
  10. Anomalies in revised pension rule 2008
  11. Injustice to pre-2006 pensioners in old s-29 & 30 scales(18400-22400 & 22400-24500)
  12. Pension Arrears to Family Pensioners / Sr. Pensioners
  14. retirement benefits for post sept 08 retirees
  15. Pension for 10 service complited
  16. Pension for 10 yrs service complited
  17. Criteria for Dependancy
  18. New Clarification Notifications on pension
  20. Revised Pension:When?
  21. Latest OM on Pensions Both to Pre and Post-Retirees - Must Be Read
  22. One Rank One Pension - pre 2006 pensioners
  23. 1st instalment of Arrears of Pension
  24. Central Govt. Health Scheme- Is it a boon or a bane to Central Govt.Pensioners?
  25. How Effective Is the System of Redressal of Grievances of Pensioners?
  26. Invalid Minimum of Pay Band
  27. Vanishing trick- a practical joke or blunder to plunder
  28. full Minimum Revised Pension for 20 years retiree
  29. Pensioners of pre-2006 & pre-2.9.2008
  30. Pensioners' federations /pensioners' associations & 6cpc grievances
  31. Pensioners' federations /pensioners' associations & 6cpc grievances
  32. Operational Or Ornamental ?
  33. Strange but true ( unless it is a typographical error)
  34. Absorbee Pensioners of PSUs: Violation of Fundamental Rights
  35. pls tell me station fire officer pay ?
  36. Pensionary benefits
  37. Pay Scale of PWI in Railways
  38. Pension not a burden on Govt.
  39. 6pc - Defence pension arrear calculator - A Tribute to soldiers
  40. Achievement of diversified parity within various groups of pensioners
  41. Last Pay based Pension at all point of time
  42. Disbursement of pension to totally disabled pensioner
  43. Harrasment to the retired people from CPWD
  44. New O.M. dt. 11.12.2008 for post-2006 retirees.
  45. PB-4 Pre-2006 Pensioners
  46. Four pb pensioners of pre-2006 and pre-sep. 2008
  47. One rank one pension - pre 2006 pensioners
  48. Fixation of pension
  49. Pensioners, you've let yourselves down. Bravo!
  50. Good News for Post 1-1-2006 / Pre-2-9-2008 Pensioners with 20 years service
  51. Pre 2006 Pensioners' Documentation
  52. The Agency to fix pension / family pension of pre 2006 pensioners.
  53. clarification pls
  54. Payment of Pension to Disabled/sick pensioners
  55. SBI Inordinately Delays Pension Fixation under Para 4.2
  56. Flaws in OM dated 11-12-2008 issued in favour of Post 1-1-2006 Pensioners
  57. Pension for PBOR
  59. What next? Rti!
  60. Pro-rata Pensioners absorbed in PSE
  61. Govt. Stand on applying mixture of rules on Employees & Pensioners
  62. What happens to my pension corpus?
  63. Pensioners' cases-will 6cpc related anomaly committee(s) look into the same?
  64. Revision of pension - payment of Arrears.
  65. Effectiveness & Applicability of 20 years rule for Full Pension
  66. Pension Arrears: Second Installment.
  67. Anomaly Committee
  68. After retirement?
  69. Incorrect fixation of 6cpc revised pension
  70. Retirement Benefit for pensioners
  71. Full Pension for 20 years of Service
  72. Defence pension - Lt Colonel placed in PB4
  73. Nomination to receive ‘60% Pension arrears’
  74. Virus warning in Gconnect url
  75. Seeking help for transfer of pension
  76. Home town traveling allowances on retirement
  77. retirement age at 62 years.
  78. Full Pension on completion of 10 years of Qualifying Service
  79. Pension on Resignation
  80. what is last pay drawn
  81. Proposal to raise retirement age
  82. Swine Flu and precautions.
  83. Retirement Age to 62 years ???
  84. The rationale for Pension Parity
  85. Retirement benefits in non-pensionable Autonomous Org.
  86. Payment of 60% arrears of pension orders issued
  87. Enhanced pension on attaining the age of 80
  88. Encashment of hpl from 01-01-2006
  89. Pensioners' (nakra's) day 17.12.2009
  90. IT TDS on Pension
  91. pensioners problems
  92. Further Devastation Of Parity Between Pre 2006 and Post 2006
  93. Modified Parity of Pension – Pre-2006 Pensioners
  94. Son's Pension-Mother's Claim
  95. [B]Release of Dearness Relief to Pensioners[/B]
  96. Voluntary retirement rules
  97. Disabled Soldier- Defence Pensioner - Request for Needful.
  98. Pension for bsnl employees retired voluntarily
  99. Can i take voluntery retirement?
  100. Admission of pensioners’ child to Kendriya Vidyalayas
  101. Naxalism & Maoism in India
  102. I want voluntary retirement
  103. Justice for 20 yr plus pre-2006 retirees of all pre-revised scales- action plan"
  104. I Tax on Graturity
  105. Recovery from Pension
  106. Merger of DA with Basic Pay.
  107. War wounded personnel-correctness of Pension
  108. Increment for a year fully served but retired as on 30th June
  109. Pensionary Benefits
  110. Widowed daughter as dependent of Family Pensioner
  111. pension
  112. Vrs
  113. Income Tax and Form 26AS
  114. TA to the place of settlement at the time of retirement
  115. Direct Tax Code
  116. Widow pension
  117. SC wants separate pay panel for forces
  118. Family pension for a decesed defence pensioner
  119. Revised Pension Payment Order
  120. Pension !!
  121. Pensioners be ware
  122. One GP One Pension
  123. Pension
  124. revised option for pro ratapension
  125. clarification required
  126. rule position required
  127. Voluntary retirement Pension rules involving leave
  128. Relief of 6CPC Vs Price Rise
  129. pension paper submission in case of govt servant in coma and unable to sign it
  130. Dispensing with of 33 years service condition for 50% pension - 6th Pay comm.
  131. Non Payment of Revised Pension
  132. Non Payment of Revised Pension
  133. PB 4 for S 21,22 and 23 V CPC scales retirees
  134. Defence services personnel governed by which pension rules
  135. Minimum qualifying service
  136. The beginning of an Uprising
  137. Qualifying Service
  138. Commutation on VRS
  139. counting past services
  140. injustice to CPF optees
  141. counting of past service
  142. Discrimination in fixation of pension for pre2006 pensioners-deprival of full pension
  143. Pre-revised scale of 8000-13500--GP:5400
  144. Definition of Family(income wise)
  145. Premature retirement
  146. TA on retirement
  147. Pension Central Govt on joining an Autonomus body by State Govt
  148. Is commutation beneficial?
  149. Family pension to CPF Subscriber
  150. Additional pension after 80
  151. Family Pension - Can this be passed on death of Family pensioner to widow daughter..
  152. pension at the age of 80 years
  153. Woes of a CGHS Beneficiary at Hyderabad
  154. Retirement benefits on VRS
  155. Last pay drawn
  156. Relaxation of FR 56 entitling one to the benefits of 6th Pay Commiission
  157. Fixed medical allowance
  158. Time required for getting pension
  159. Retrospective notional promotion with attendant retiral benefits
  160. pension and salary at same time
  161. Pension and other benefits calculation
  162. Retirement
  163. Pension after permanent absorption
  164. Gratuity for Re-employed person
  165. Pay fixation of the retired employees
  166. Sanction of Pension
  167. PB-3, PB-4 Anomaly
  168. Pension fixed wrongly Consultant needed
  169. Central Government Pension Extension to Unmarried Daughter above 25 years
  170. Premature retirement- vrs or resign
  171. Benefit of 1 increment to retirees in June after 2006 acceptance of anomaly commitee
  172. Violation of the deciision of the PM by the Department of Personnel and Training
  173. Restoration of Commutation
  174. Salary Fixation for Consultant - retired govt servant.
  175. ceiling of pension
  176. Payment of first Pension and other benefits
  177. Revision of Pension/family Pension based on Pre-Revised Pay Scale of Retired/deceased
  178. Revision of Pension/family Pension based on Pre-Revised Pay Scale of Retired/deceased
  179. Pensioners with 1.1.46 as date of birth - deprivation of Sixth CPC
  180. Extraordinary Pension (Disability Pension)
  181. Emoluments for the purpose of family pension
  182. To opt for Pension? Pay fixation in new post?
  183. Above 80
  184. Excess pension recovery rules by pension payee bankers
  185. Government Employee - Pensionable Service (years anad age)
  186. Family Pension basic for S-29?
  187. Delayed holding of DPCs by the Govt. is resulting in financcial loss to retirees
  188. pension fixation as per 28 jan 2013 OM
  189. Review of My Pension vide letter issued by GOI dated 30/08/2008 & 28/01/2013
  190. Qualifying service of 20 years for Pre-2006 retirees
  191. Pre 2006 -pensioner-enhancement of pension as per Govt Orders
  192. Pre-2006 Pensioners - Anybody got your Pension revised as per Jan-13 Order?
  193. Disparity in counting of special pay for pensioners havinf sp pay of Rs 2000/4000
  194. T.A. to Central Government servants on retirement
  195. IMPENDING INJUSTICE to would be retiries with 1/1/1956 as their date of birth
  196. clarification on pension
  197. reduction in the family pension
  198. Invalid request for vr
  199. What was my pay under F.R.22 I (a)(2)?
  200. Discriminatory treatement of pre-2006 pensioners in fixation of revised pension
  201. 7th pay Commission
  202. Defense pension : One rank one pension.
  203. Wrong Pay and Pension fixation
  204. basis of calculation of income tax on pension.
  205. Pension Calculator !!!
  206. Post Retirement Marriage
  207. Re-fixation of pension w.e.f. 1.1.2006 for non-litigant pre-2006 pensioners
  208. Fixation of pension for JTS pre 2006 pensioners
  209. Retiring CG bureaucrats may be told to write 1,000-word essay on achievements
  210. Injustice ti 1.1.1928/1938/1946 born pensioners
  211. Revision of Pension of Pre 2006 Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2006
  212. investment options for retirees
  213. payment of gratuity under gratuity act 1972
  214. Full parity with post-2005 retirees
  215. superannuation date 31/12/2015 and date of birth 01/01/1956 implementation of 7th CPC
  216. Retiring of employees born on Ist of January, 1928/1938/1946/1956 by the Government
  217. Grade Pay Rs 4600 to pre 2006 pensioners
  218. refixation of pay in terms of RBE 333/2016
  219. refixation of pay in terms of RBE 33/2016
  220. Restoration of FULL Pension to PSU absorbees who commuted 100% pension on retirement
  221. Fixation index 2.67 in respect of level13 scale
  222. Arbitrary classification of pensioners while revising pension based on the 7th CPC