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  1. LTC eligibility for Spouse
  2. Ltc
  3. Dependent family pensioner for LTC
  4. Grade Pay
  5. Ltc
  6. North-east ltc
  7. LTC to NER by fresh recruits with <8 years service
  8. ltc& leave encashment
  9. ltc for spouses of railway employees
  10. LTC Entitlement vs TA entitlement - Query
  11. ltc and airfare under LTC80 scheme
  12. LTC encashment and Taking EL on holidays
  13. LTC-Leave Encashment - What is the Denominator?
  14. LTC for the initial eight years or four years
  15. Fresh Recruits to Central Government’
  16. EL encashment for spouse
  17. LTC to Amarnath shrine
  18. Frequency of LTC claims
  19. Leave Encashment on LTC Modified.
  20. Leave Encashment during LTC
  21. LTC to NER
  22. Arears of Leave encashment on LTC availed before 23.09.06
  23. EL encashment clarification
  24. Leave Encashment for LTC availed by Kids
  25. LTC availability for spouse of PSU BANKS/LIC
  26. Ltc
  27. Ltc
  28. Ltc
  29. Can a spouse of a Railway servant avail LTC ?
  30. Travel by AI
  31. LTC80 Scheme
  32. Travel by Road on LTC
  33. ltc for fresh recruits
  34. Second time ltc to ne region by air
  35. Senior Tax Assistant of Central Excise and Customs is covered under Group B or C
  36. Austerity Measures..
  37. NER LTC - Bagdogra to Gangtok and back - Taxi allowed?
  38. LTC for Defence Personnel
  39. NE LTC order
  40. Non entitled officer who traveled by other airways claim
  41. LTC claim in respect of my parents
  42. Encashment of Earned leave
  43. LTC entitlement
  44. Travel restriction by Air India.
  45. all india LTC
  46. IRCTC pakage for LTC including Air fare
  47. Waiver of Interest on LTC advance
  48. LTC for family members at diff stations
  49. LTC to NER
  50. Clarification on LTC to NER
  51. LTC Reimburshment
  52. LTC Claim
  53. Ltc
  54. Eligibility for Air travel on LTC to NER
  55. LTC on retirement
  56. LTC elligibility for EOL cases
  57. Can LTC anywhere in india be availed in the year of retirement
  58. LTC for the block period 2006-09
  59. LTC Sanction for Pvt Air lines
  60. one month salary against ltc
  61. Documents required for change in hometown
  62. LTC on commuted leave
  63. Is that Indian Airlines LTC-80 is mandatory?
  64. LTC while on scholarship
  65. LTC to NE - Last Date?
  66. admissibility of difference of train fare and air fare in LTC
  67. Doubts abt ltc claim
  68. LTC to NER in liu of Home Town LTC
  69. doubt abt using govt. guest house
  70. LTC by Private Airlines
  71. LTC to NER - Spouse & Family from Different places
  72. LTC claim for a Sea Segment
  73. Special LTC to NE Region.
  74. LTC-Relaxation for travel by Air to visit NER period extended
  75. Ltc
  76. LTC-Retirement
  77. LTC Entitlement
  78. NER LTC concession extended
  79. Air india or private in ner on ltc by group c & d
  80. Home Town LTC
  81. Ltc
  82. Is LTC 80 fares applicable or not
  83. Reimbursement of LTC from Kolkata via Delhi
  84. Reimbursement of LTC from Kolkata to Mussourie via. Delhi.
  85. LTC - EL encashment arrears on DA revision
  86. What is the meaning of LTC to NER in lieu of hometown
  87. Reimbursement of LTC of shortest route
  88. Ltc route from delhi to port blair by air
  89. Ltc
  90. clarification on NER LTC
  91. LTC to Andaman
  92. adding of dependants list in cghs card
  93. LTC-New Recruits
  94. During LTC, private taxi in Northeast Sector Tshangu
  95. LTC- Clarification required on Travel Route
  96. How will you regulate this claim of LTC
  97. Ltc
  98. EL Encashment on LTC
  99. Travel by Private Airlines in the absence of air india flights
  100. Ltc
  101. Air India LTC Fares
  102. LTC for north east by air
  103. LTC80 and LTCQ Rate - Are these two same?
  104. Ltc
  105. Reimbursement of fare for North East Travel if one does direct by air
  106. LTC to Port Blair
  107. LTC clarification.
  108. Can I awail one way LTC under anywhere in India category
  109. Package tour entitlement
  110. Ltc
  111. Guidelines on Air Travel on Tours / LTC.
  112. Non LTC-80 Tickets
  113. Air fare under LTC revised after the journey date-Which air fare is eligible?
  114. Whether LTC bill settled to employee can be re-opened when the same is wrong?
  115. LTC only by Air India for non-entitled officers?
  116. LTC Advance Regarding
  117. TA/DA to daily wager
  118. Ltc for mother-in-law
  119. Shortest route for Shirdi
  120. Air Journey by AIR INDIA on LTC and Taxi journey
  121. ltc to lakshadweep
  122. Travel by Private Airlines non Availability of Air India Flite from Bhavnagar to Mum
  123. intra city travel in LTC
  124. LTC Clarification
  125. LTC Clarification
  126. LTC/ Home Town for freshers.
  127. Air-India's International LTC offer for Domestic LTC eligible person.
  128. LTC can get both husband and wife serving in central govt.
  129. Every year LTC for first two blocks
  130. LTC for NER against LTC (Anywhere in India)
  131. LTC Maturity of claim by sanction or by actual journey
  132. Encashment of Leave with LTC
  133. Admissibility of LTC claim if bookin is not done by specified Authorized Agents.
  134. Dependency on gainful employment
  135. Doubt in the LTC Claims for the journey of Gangtok...!
  136. Ltc 80 xeip/geip/lepp fare
  137. LTC for new recruits
  138. Frequency of LTC claims.
  139. Tour to north east
  140. Journey partly by Air and partly by train
  141. LTC claimed - Cancellation
  142. LTC claimed - Cancellation
  143. When u use package tours of irctc/state tourism corporation, etc.
  144. Ltc vs leave
  145. regarding conversion of home town LTC to LTC OF NE.
  146. Airport is in Different District (45km away) - Conveyance between residence & Airport
  147. In case of cancellation of flight by AIr India, journey by pvt airlines
  148. Any reply to my problem
  149. Self & Family return on different dates - How to regulate the claim of LTC
  150. Dependents under LTC
  151. Can we visit a place not intimated in LTC application?
  152. LTC - When an officer is staying in his/her declared Home Town
  153. Travel by AI but no LTC - 80 or equivalent
  154. Home town LTC to NE LTC
  155. LTC- Cancellation of flight.
  156. Ltc
  157. Encashment of EL during LTC and consequential deduction of EL - reg
  158. LTC to NORTH EAST
  159. frequency of LTC for destination to NER.
  160. Ltc eligibility
  161. leave encashment during LTC
  162. Air Fare under LTC clarification
  163. Withdrawal from gpf for registry of house/flat
  164. Break journey in LTC
  165. LTC Claim One Side
  166. reg. eligible for L.T.C.
  167. Ltc clarification
  168. Medical claim
  169. Extension of LTC period
  170. TA on tour
  171. Grade pay Rs 4200/- is Group B / C
  172. LTC Settlement
  173. Supersedes the earlier OM No. 31011/2/2006-Estt.(A) 11/03/2010 ?
  174. Argent clarification required about Home Town LTC
  175. Query regarding HTC
  176. Air travel (ltc) of non eligigle govt servent
  177. Whether encashment of leave applicable if family proceeds on LTC
  178. Query reg HTC
  179. Home town LTC
  180. Is LTC (All India) admissible?
  181. Classification of the post of Senior Hindi Translator
  182. Request for info on LTC
  183. Ltc
  184. LTC for family members before rett.
  185. LTC rules for new recruits
  186. LTC to jammu kashmir
  187. air india holiday package eligibile for ltc80
  188. Request for info on LTC to port blair
  189. Definition of family member
  190. Ltc
  191. Calculation of Fare for journey break up and different classes
  192. LTC to NER/J&K using home town LTC while home town being Faridabad (NCR region)
  193. Interest on LTC cancellation - reg
  194. LTC restriction on travel to Port Blair by private airlines
  195. LTC Leave encashment and deductions of leave from leave account
  196. Leave Encashment after completion of return journey
  197. leave encashment on technical resignation
  198. LTC encashment
  199. If not reached upto predecided destination in ltc
  200. Whether I am eligible for LTC if I visited a place in addition to the declared one
  201. Change of Home Town
  202. Can I claim taxi fare in LTC bill?
  203. LTC by private airlines
  204. ltc to j&k
  205. LTC conversion for new recruits
  206. ltc to NE
  207. ltc to NE
  208. Arrears of Leave Encashment on LTC
  209. Travel by Helicopter to Vaishno devi, Amarnath, Kedarnath, etc by Helicopter on LTC?
  210. Leave encashment on LTC
  211. Problem in LTC claim
  212. An LTC Quary related to shortest route
  213. Please guide me abt LTC
  214. Ltc
  215. LTC to J&K admissibility of airfare from Jammu to Srinagar
  216. Need Clarification LTC 80 Tkt for Srinagar
  217. reimbursement of transit journey ticket fare in Delhi metro during hometown trip
  218. Admisibilty of LTC by for non-entitled officers.
  219. Can I claim LTC for journey peformed by private airlines in emergency condition.
  220. LTC for pawan hans operated sectors
  221. LTC when husband and wife both are in central govt job
  222. Ltc on casual leave
  223. ltc to srinagar and travel by taxi
  224. LTC 80 Confusion
  225. unfair, unjust and partisan treatment
  226. LTC for new recruits
  227. Cost of LTC 80 Ticket for Kolkata-Chennai-Trivanderum Rs.28,500 is higher than normal
  228. Brake it? (break journey)
  229. Ltc
  230. Ailtc by indigo airlines ?????
  231. ltc incase of wife is working in Central Govt and husband is working in CPSU
  233. Ltc by Airlines
  234. LTC by airlines other than Air India by the entitled officer
  235. LTC by airlines other than Air India by the entitled officer
  236. LTC in initial 8 years
  237. Gap between two LTC
  238. LTC to J&K
  239. Encashment of EL while availing LTC
  240. Encashment of EL while availing LTC
  241. LTC to NER in one 4 year Block-Reg.
  242. LTC claim
  243. LTC to both husband and wife
  244. Lleave encashment - whether before or after completion of journey on ltc/htc?
  245. LTC to NE
  246. LTC 80 Fare Delhi to Srinagar and Jammu to Delhi
  247. Reimbursement of claim -LTC to Jammu& Kashmir
  248. Admissible rates, if travelled in Makruzz( a private ship) from Blair to Havelock
  249. Whether LTC is admissible, when we travel by a private taxi?
  250. Second LTC fro J& K in four year block