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  1. what are the rules for transfer?
  2. Pension or CPF in transfer or Direct Recruitment
  3. Clarification for transfer grant
  4. Transfer : Frieght charges
  5. Inter-Commissionerate Transfer with Seniority protection
  6. Composite Transfer Grant on public interest transfer
  7. Transfer within NCR
  8. Transfer to North Eastern Region
  9. Re-employment benifits
  10. House Rent Allowance
  11. Shifting of personal effect/ luggage
  12. clarification reg luggge charge
  13. Transfer to Andaman Nicobar or Lakshadweep
  14. transfer policy
  15. Authority Can penalised on Trnsfer TA Advance?
  16. Transfer TA Clarifications
  17. TA/DA - New Appointment
  18. Whether Grade Pay protection on request transfer to same scale in another dept.
  19. Regulation of transport of conveyance on transfer in public interest.
  20. Advance of TA- Interest
  21. Service under EPFO + Income tax:
  22. Joining time
  23. transfer in couple case
  24. cancer patients
  25. joining time
  26. Clarification of Finance Ministry's Circular.
  27. Clarification of Finance Ministry's Circular.
  28. Transfer TA advance
  29. Entitlement of Transportation
  30. Claim transportation of conveyance on posting
  31. Pay and grade pay protection for medically decategorised employees
  32. Seniority protection in mutual transfer.
  33. Transfer for a physically disabled person
  34. Benefits on promotion transfer
  35. conveyance allowance on transfer
  36. Transportation of car
  37. transfer from one autonomus to another
  38. joining time
  39. Lien- pf
  40. Transfer policies
  41. Regarding Transporation of Personal Effects to North East
  42. Deputation transfer
  43. Normal transfer enttitlement - whether self can avail journey fare while joinng ?
  44. Transportation of Personal Effects.
  45. Despatch of Family & Luggage before retirement
  46. TA/DA on tour
  47. Tour/transfer
  48. Transfer norms for north east.
  49. Transfer in the same capacity just 15 months before retirement on superannuation
  50. joining time when transferred in quick succession
  51. tranfer ta personal effect
  52. Transfer just 20 months before retirement on superannuation
  53. tranfer ta rule
  54. Charge hand over
  55. Regarding Transfer Order
  56. 10./. of the transfer ta advance reg.,
  57. rules? for transfer regarding
  58. no guest house to u?
  59. husband wife transferred from same old station to same new station
  60. Transfer during the employee is on Extra ordinary Leave
  61. Transfer on promotion in merged grades.
  62. Transfer T.A.Advance
  63. Foreign Tour Settlement guidance
  64. Composite Transfer Grant
  65. Proof is required or not in case of settling transportation of peronal effects
  66. Service break on regard of transfer
  67. Transfer during on EOL
  68. Seniority of officer through lateral entry
  69. Stay in a Hotel on tour
  70. Allotment of quarters if husband and wife posted at two different stations
  71. Joining Time - Continuous Travel By Road - Clarification Required
  72. Eligibility of Transfer Grant
  73. Road Journey on Transfer
  74. Duties and responsibilities of Multi Tasking Staff - regarding
  75. Defence Civilian Transfer policy
  76. Joining Time
  77. non crediting of joining time
  78. Transfer on Promotion while on Training
  79. Transportation of personal effects
  80. Technical resignation- Transfer to a new post
  81. Public Interest