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Thread: Fixation of Pension

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    Default Fixation of Pension

    Fixation of pension was not a problem till V Pay Commission as pensions were fixed taking minimum of the basic of a scale as norm. Since there were many scales, there was no problem and each employee was some how drawing pension as per his scale.
    In the VICPC, pay bands were introduced merging many scales and the difference in pension for employees at various posts will be based on the minimum of the pay band plus grade pay. This will cause huge loss to the pensioners because the difference in pension for various posts in a pay band will be only the grade pay which is very illogical. We should seek justice and fight for pension fixation based on the V CPC equivalent scales for various posts so that some justice is done.

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    It is high time that pension is fixed as a percentage of the maximum of payscale instead of the minimum.This will ensure that a junior does not draw higher pension than the senior.It will automatically lead to OROP.

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    I wish the VII Pay Commission takes the stand as suggested by you. There will be no anomaly if it is done.

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    Hi All,
    My pension details are as follows

    Basic Pension - 17305
    Pay Band - 15600-39100
    Last Pay Drawn - 34610

    Date of commencement of Pension - 17/01/2013

    But after implementation of 7PC I am receiving 35560 as the new pension.

    But for pensioners, it has been decided to multiply the existing basic pension into 2.57 (factor) to fix the new pension.
    i.e. if your basic pension is 17305, then 44474 (17305 x 2.57) will be the new pension.

    Why I am not given this pension?

    can someone explain.

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